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2009 my girlfriend and I plus a couple of friends went to San Foca, a small town located in the very south of italy in a region called Salento, which is also known as the european Jamaica.

In this said town, they have a beautiful beach where they promote dancehall parties troughout the whole summer with thousands of people partying with the biggest names in the soundsystem business right now for nearly 15 years now.

If you see this bashments for the first time with your own eyes it’s kinda overwhelming. I never thaught that it’s possible to have such inceredible dancehall parties outside the caribbean.

And to promote Salento, and especially the Mamanera Reggae Beach to more people, Heavy Hammer Sound soon come along with a documentary bout this place.

Mamanera Reggae Boom Beach represents the best in reggae summer parties in Italy from 1999, every year the biggest european and world top selectors and sound systems play reggae and dancehall music from midnight until the sunlight with the musical direction of Heavy Hammer sound.
Bass Odissey, Ricky Trooper, Tony Matterhorn, Black Chiney, Ricky Trooper, Coppershot from Jamaica, Sentinel, Soundquake, Supersonic, Pow Pow, Rodigan, Warrior Intl, Sud Sound System, One Love Hi Pawa are just a small part of the names that touched the Mamanera turntables in these years, playing the best in reggae and dancehall music in front of more than five thousands people.
As Tony Matterhorn says: „Mamanera is just a piece of Jamaica moved to Italy“……

Mamanera is the place to be, it has no similar, it’s free music for free people, straight.

The official documentary will be soon out on this youtube channel, stay linked.
For more infos:

Due to their upcoming Japan Tour, Heavy Hammer from Italy released their first All Dubplate Mix called Dubplate Container.

Download the single file or splitted tracks.

Italian Reggae Artist Lion D with his Tune Reap What You Sow on Bizzarri Records.

We’ve heard that Italy have a little trouble with some financial issues and things, so we decided to fly to Rome to take care of it. Berlusconi, here we come.

Btw: We also juggle alongside Ruff Pack and the mighty Dancehall Soldiers at the ZOOBAR. See ya!

[Video] Attila – Promises

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Today DJ Clafrica outta Italy linked me and ask me for a little exposure for his brandnew Videomixtape Gangsters Connection 2.0.

This is a really interessting thing i think, so of course me endorse it!

Check out the whole Videomix via Megavideo, unfortunatly wordpress seems not to support videos from megavideo.

This is the Cover: