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Tommorow it’s going down!

Make sure you roll out to this month‘ edition of Jamaican Lounge with Higher Level Sound and the mighty Silly Walks Discotheque at the Modul Club in Saarbrücken.

Gonna be wiiii-hiiii-kiiid!


One week to go until Higher Level hit you again with the best reggae and dancehall party in Saarbrücken!

For this month‘ Jamaican Lounge, on Friday the 10th of September, we’ve invited none other than  last year Riddim Clash participant an swedish veteran sound from 19-how-long, Trinity Sound from Stockholm!

The hardest working Sound from Sweden was founded in the early 90’s and played more than 1000 dances from there on. In 1996 Trinity was also registred as a Trademark.

And, how many Sounds do you know who even have their own book about their Soundsystem?

So, don’t forget about this date and show up early! Dance gonna be pure fire from start!

Join our Facebook-Group to get the chance of winning Guestlist-Tickets.

Keep your eyes open.

This Friday, the 18th of June, we gonna celebrate a very special thing at the Jamaican Lounge in Saarbrücken.

7 Years of Higher Level Sound!

It’s been 7 years since we mashed up our very first dance in Saarbrücken.

7 Years of incredible dances, nuff good good music, fun, countless hours on the autobahn, meeting interesting people, not this much sleep, and the most important thing: 7 years of partying with you guys!

So on Friday all roads lead to Das Modul in Saarbrücken where we celebrate the last 7 and the upcoming 1000 years of Higher Level Sound, together with our brothers from other mothers, Mango Tree Sound, out of Nürnberg.

Make sure to show up, it’s gonna be legenfuckingdary!

But we have one drop of bitterness to announce: We aren’t able to give out the 200 copies of our brandnew Mix CD „Starlight“ as announced on the flyer, because we don’t get the cover for it as fast as we needed it to print it in time.

But, we gonna gave them all away at the upcoming Jamaican Lounge Party in July. Watch out for it.

This Friday, the 21st of May!

This time, your favorite sound favorite sound, Higher Level, teams up with the Universal Clash & French Crown Clash Winner, the one man army straight from Wuppertal, none other than the resident of Germanys most popular reggae club, Warrior Sound!

Playing for the first time in Saarbrücken, he’s definitly ready to tear down the Modul along with us.

From you ever witnessed Mattia from Warrior Sound in full effect, you know that he can handle every crowd in a proper way and add the little extra spice to any bashment.

Be there!

Gonna be a few busy weeks for us, so we just want you to be updated on our status.

This Friday, the 14th of May, we’re going to Cologne to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our friends Pow Pow Movements, alongside the likes of Soundvibration from Bonn and Robbo Ranx outta the UK. Raymond Wright’s also about to show up for a live performance.

The Friday after, May the 21st, Warrior Sound from Wuppertal will come to join us at our monthly Jamaican Lounge Dance at Club Das Modul in Saarbrücken to tear down the place with us.

But the biggest thing going down Saturday, the 5th of June at the Römerkastell in Saarbrücken.

Higher Level Sound & Das Modul are proud to present the first Jamaican Lounge Festival Night!

2 of europes hottest Reggae- and Dancehall-Acts right now gonna be present to give you a show you need to witness if you consider yourself as a Dancehall and Reggae Fan.

First we have the girls from Serengeti, from Gothenburg, Sweden to bless us with a live performance. After thatwe have  Germanys rising reggae singer, Cornadoor, live on Stage!

When the Live-Acts done, the party just starts with Higher Level Sound and the mighty Pow Pow Movement from Cologne.

This gonna be a thing for the Saarland History Books, believe me!

Better don’t miss this.

People, you nuh EASY!

What a wonderful party last night with Sentinel and Higher Level. We’re very thankful that we always have such a great audience at our monthly Jamaican Lounge Parties.

It is because of you people we’re able to promote such great dances in Saarbrücken. We’re proud of you.

Thanks to everybody who showed up and especially to the whole Sentinel Family. It’s been a pleasure.

Here are some pics and a video of the dance.

Tonights the night, the big bad Sentinel Sound, all the way from Stuttgart come to mash up Jamaican Lounge together with us.

I command everybody to witness this awesome event.

As a little preview here is a short dubplate mix Sentinel made for the last months issue of RIDDIM Magazine. Mostly new customized tunes for the Sound fi Death Clash in St. Elizabeth a couple of weeks ago.

Sentinel Sound – Dub Plate Mix for Riddim Mag