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Clash just done, and Supersonic took the win against King Addies, even tough Addies brought Tony Matterhorn this time.

Big up Supersonic on the win, this is huge.

This should make all badmind people shut up, but I guess  just more effin‘ excuses popping up, just like after the Global Clash.

Can’t wait to hear the Audios!

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Even though it rained all nite, Clash fans came out to witness KING ADDIES vs SUPERSONIC.
Supersonic played well taking the first 4 rounds straight.
What the biggest struggle was having to compete with not only King Addies but also TonyMatterhorn from the 4 round.
After winning 4th round SuperSonic walks off the stage saying they were not going to clash 2 sounds when Matterhorn was now playing from his own dub box.
Sonic decides to go back to start the tune fi tube segment.
Clash finally over.
SUPERSONIC awarded the trophy.

Wow, those Groningen peeps really on a killing spree right now and kill everything in sight.

Foundation Sound just took the Soundkillers 2011: Time 2 Shine clash yesterday against Warrior Sound in Dub fi Dub.

Don’t know much bout the clash yet, but gotta let you know.

Big up Zebulon and the crew.

Edit: Here is what Sultan of Herbalize-It says

Warrior Sound starting d war… 2nd Fury Bass, 3rd Guidind Star, 4th Reggae Bash,5th Ivory Sound and last but not least Foundation!

1st round almost done. Ivory playin now. next up Foundation then d elimination round

Foundation starting hard no bloodclaat!

Warrior Sound start d elimination round. anything allowed. Warrior brought Scarra Mucci on stage

Fury Bass bring a likkle youth pon stage. voice like young Yami Bolo!

Guiding Star and Fury Bass eliminated

Warrior say he catch d rasta of Foundation at d Burgerking dis morning while he drink a baba roots…lol

Ok Reggaebash playin a MaikalX in d singers round!!

One sound and then we gonna eliminate d next sound. 3 sounds left after this round!
clash a gwaan good. Foundation a play now and dem gwaan good!

Ivory get eliminated. dj round now… Warrior starting then Reggaebash and then Foundation

Warrior vs Foundation ina d DFD

Foundation took it.

Head Concussion Records and Miami-based Eccentrix Sound present this One Artist Mix CD in collaboration to advertise upcoming deejay with a rap flow Chan Dizzy.

Nice one. Eyy!

(Get it by clicking the cover)

Three years in the making, Better Mus‘ Come brilliantly captures the deep rooted conflict at the heart of Jamaican politics as seen in violent images in news reports and recent explosive political headlines all over the world in the international manhunt for alleged Jamaican „Don“, Christopher „Dudus“ Coke, leaving over 79 civilians dead and a government-mandated State of Emergency in its aftermath. In a timely and provocative production, Better Mus‘ Come traces the origins of the use of street gangs by political parties in their violent struggle to win the national election.

Today is the release of Germaica’s brandnew Riddim called „Question?“, produced by Upliftment International for Germaica Digital.

Below is the Megamix of the Riddim with Artists like Dr.Ring-Ding, Tom Hype, Jah Mason, Ward 21, Shabu & Rebellion, Jr. Banton & Mandingo, Las Balkanieras, Cheeba and Sanjin & Youthman.

Make sure to check out this wicked piece of Riddim and get the tunes here.

Don’t forget about the german edition of Soundkillers 2011: Time To Shine Competition, taking place this saturday, January the 29th, in Wuppertal, Germany.

All courtesy of Mr. Smoka and Guns-E-Num Clash Promotions


So how did a white kid from the UK infiltrate Kingston’s reggae scene? Did you encounter much resistance at first?
I have never experienced any prejuduce in Kingston. I went there for the first time in 1979 and met people and just kept going back. I had to go because I loved the music so much.

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