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Mr.Smoka, of Guns-E-Num Clash Promotions, on behalf of the promoter team, recently announced the line up for the canadian stop of the Judment Soundkillers Time 2 Shine Clash Tournament, which is promoted by Jill from, going down on March, the 25th, in Scarborough.

Mmh, some of us wouldn’t consider most of them sounds as upcoming but whateff.

Wow, those Groningen peeps really on a killing spree right now and kill everything in sight.

Foundation Sound just took the Soundkillers 2011: Time 2 Shine clash yesterday against Warrior Sound in Dub fi Dub.

Don’t know much bout the clash yet, but gotta let you know.

Big up Zebulon and the crew.

Edit: Here is what Sultan of Herbalize-It says

Warrior Sound starting d war… 2nd Fury Bass, 3rd Guidind Star, 4th Reggae Bash,5th Ivory Sound and last but not least Foundation!

1st round almost done. Ivory playin now. next up Foundation then d elimination round

Foundation starting hard no bloodclaat!

Warrior Sound start d elimination round. anything allowed. Warrior brought Scarra Mucci on stage

Fury Bass bring a likkle youth pon stage. voice like young Yami Bolo!

Guiding Star and Fury Bass eliminated

Warrior say he catch d rasta of Foundation at d Burgerking dis morning while he drink a baba roots…lol

Ok Reggaebash playin a MaikalX in d singers round!!

One sound and then we gonna eliminate d next sound. 3 sounds left after this round!
clash a gwaan good. Foundation a play now and dem gwaan good!

Ivory get eliminated. dj round now… Warrior starting then Reggaebash and then Foundation

Warrior vs Foundation ina d DFD

Foundation took it.

Don’t forget about the german edition of Soundkillers 2011: Time To Shine Competition, taking place this saturday, January the 29th, in Wuppertal, Germany.

All courtesy of Mr. Smoka and Guns-E-Num Clash Promotions


Germanys reigning Clash-Promoter, Mr. Smoka of Guns-E-Num, just released a wicked Download-Link-Package as a christmas gift for all you guys, including a nice mix-cd, a baddd 100% Dubplate-Juggling-Audio and a exciting Soundclash.

Just click the images to download.


This Saturday, the 13th of November, its all about the european championchip tagteam clash called Bring Your Tunes And Defend Your Sound, happening in Mainz, Germany.

The contestants will be Sting like a Bee and Jackpot Sound for Germany versus Mixmaster J and Natural Affair on behalf of the UK.

Host will be Tommy $ outta the City Lock.

The reclash will happen in London afterwards.

Well known german Soundclash Promoter Mr. Smoka just hitted me up with some info about his upcoming Soundclash Competition Series, so check this out!

Judgement Productions presents in collaboration with Tek 9, Poison Dart (Antigua), Guns-E-Num Clash Promotion,, Ya-Low Productions, GoldenBass & Live Wire:


Event Dates:
-Quarter Finals-
* Germany – January 29 2011
* Canada, Toronto – February 26 2011
* Japan, Tokyo – March 26 2011
* Italy, Milan – April 30 2011
* Antigua, St John – May 28 2011
* USA, New York – June 4 2011
* UK, London – June 25 2011
* Jamaica, Montego Bay – July TBC 2011

-Semi Finals-
* Holland, Amsterdam – August 5 2011
* USA, New York – August 27 2011
* Trinidad, Port of Spain – September 24 2011

Jamaica, Montego Bay – October 29 2011

Any interested Sound can sign up @

The Promoter has found a new date for the postponed Born to Kill Soundclash between London’s Lazerforce Sound and Northcoast Fire Sound from Mainz, Germany. New Flyer sameway.