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A while ago we were featured in Europe’s leading Reggae- and Dancehall-Magazine Riddim with a short article and, through they advertise a CD with every Mag, with a short 5min. Dubplate Mix.

Here we go. Right click, save as…



Johnny Osbourne -Intro

Aswad – Higher Fire

Brigadier Jerry – You’re to Raggamuffin

Johnny Osbourne – Line Up

Quench Aid – Beat down the fence

Frankie Paul – Call the Brigade

Mad Cobra – Shot a talk

Tippa Irie – Do not trouble we

Carl Meeks – Wha dem fa

Here are 2 Mixes from us for you to download*.

The first one is a Promo-Mix from mid ’08 with tunes from early to mid 2008.

Sure, this isn’t exclusive and brandnew no more, but nevertheless it’s a wicked mix.

Check „Must come ah Road 2008“


The next one is a true classic indeed, the kick-off of our Mix-CD-Series (watch out for the upcoming one!) called

„Higher Level on Memory Lane“.

This mix goes by the name of „Double Warning Pt.1“, mixed and selected by our Veteran Kai Kong way back in 2006.

Strictly Vinyl!

70min. of classical Singer-Tunes followed by a Deejay-Version.

Gwaan take a slice, it tastes goooood.

You can read a review of the Double Warning Mix CD published by Riddim Magazine here:



*iPod-firendly .rar-files with idtags plus front- and backcovers for you to print out!

It’s Waaaar Time again, on the 13th of december as it goes down to a strictly Dubplates Soundclash named „War Fever“ wich will be battled out at the Rude 7 in Mannheim.

This Clash is promoted by Germanys leading War-Promoter (musically me say!) Mr. Smoka and his Guns-E-Num Clash-Promotion.

Be there when 3 young’n’hungry Sounds buck up inna fair (we hope so) Soundwar.

Contestants happens to be:

„Germanys Most Blunted Sound“, Sensi Movement from Chemnitz with Don Reeves, King P, Jan Haze and Father Sensi,

„The Frankonian Ruler“ Mango Tree Sound from Nürnberg with man like Father Tim, MistyFu, Remo, Manu, Floris, Rawjah, Kai and Da Selfincensa

and, from Tel Aviv, the worldwide Sound called Rudeboy Sound with Rami Grami and Tabasco.

A definitly must-see for all the real Clash-Heads in Germany!

Be there.

Beat a juice.

Enjoy the war.


December Dates

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As the year is going to end we’re about to play the very last dances in two-thousand-and-hate, and looking really forward to two-thousand-is-mine.

Accordingly to that, we’re trying to introduce a new one- or two-monthly Regular-Dance in Blieskastel at a club called P-Werk.

The Regular will be called „Jamaican Party Invasion“ and it starts next weekend on the 6th of december.

Here’s the flyer:



On the same date we send our mastermind Daniel to Darmstadt to juggle alongside Jahson from Jackpot Sound outta Mainz at a location called Schloßkeller.

Here you can read something about this Mindcircus, and the best thing: It’s free!


After that we have a real special event, as we bring back the mighty Pow Pow Movement to Saarbrücken to our Resident-Club 6Null3 on the 12th of december. You better watch out for that, ca the party will be pure fire as always!



We feel very honoured that Pow Pow inviting us to play at their own party at Petite Prince in Cologne the very next week.

So everybody, better mark this in your calendar:

Higher Level & Pow Pow gonna mash up Cologne on Friday, the 19th of december! Nuff said.



Saturdays, 20.12.08, we are playing longside our longtime friend Rebel Rock in Frankfurt at a club called Nachtleben,

check the Flyer:



Last but not least we are doing our own Special-Xmas-Dance at 6Null3 on the 25th of december.

This happens to be a thursday, but through it’s christmas i’m sure everybody has a day off on fridays.

And to make it even better, we bring our friends from Frankfurt to Saarbrücken again.

As you remember the last time they were juggling in SB you know it ago sell aaawwwwff!



Boom Bang, seems like the year ends off real nice for real.

And the future seems the get even nicer!

Higher Level to the weeerrrrlllll, dat me a say.

We’re coming up with the next Jamaican Lounge Party at Club 6Null3 in Saarbrücken.

Definitly worthy to check out.

All night Reggae- and Dancehall-Juggling by Saarbrückens No.1 Sound.

You know who me talk bout, don’t?!

Everybody come check we inna partying mood.

Jamaican Lounge Nov 08