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The peeps of Shimmy Shimmy did this nice interview with UK Reggae Artist Mr. Williamz.

What name were you performing under at the age of 9?

At first I wasn’t using no name, cos I wasn’t planning anything, [deejaying] wasn’t my main desire, it was just something I got drawn to. So I didn’t have a name, I was just using my real name, Micah. Then when I started high school at the age of 10, they would have concerts at school on Fridays, so my friend encouraged me to perform. I went to an audition, the guy said flash a lyric and so I did and he said ‘yeah man, you sound bad ya know’ and he said ‘what’s your name’, and I said ‘Micah’, and him say ‘no, what’s your name, we want to put you on the poster’. He wanted to know my artist name but I didn’t have a name so he just called me Apache. He did the poster and then everybody knew that was me, just through the resemblance. Cos in Jamaica, if you have a slight Indian resemblance, they’re gonna call you apache or Indian or coolie man or something. Like Super Cat, he did the Wild Apache thing. So it just stuck and people were using that name for me, until about ’92, when i put on ‘cat’, cos I was coming in the style of Super Cat, the same energy to how we flex. That’s when I came to London. In London there was already Apache Indian, there was UK Apache, that’s why I changed to Kool Cat after cos I didn’t want people to mistake it, or think ‘yo he’s trying to be like Apache Indian, or UK Apache’.

Head over to Shimmy Shimmy for the full interview.

The october edition of Jamaican Lounge features none other, than the champion sound from the german capital, Supersonic Sound!

Make it a date when Higher Level and Supersonic gonna give you the full hundred once again!

Party shaaaat!

[Video] Klumben – Dancehall Geni

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This one’s a couple of months old, but my favorite tune from Klumben’s recent album Fra Klumben Til Pladen.

[Video] I-Octane – More Money

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Brandnew I-Octane!

Live Audio of Malmö’s own Safari Sound with DJ Shirkan & Sammy K on the Michelle.

Recently lots of people have asked for live recordings from Safari dances. We have to admit that recording dances is not something we have prioritized during the years, but this will change in the future!

We gonna start with giving you this audio from one of the wickedest parties we played at this summer. The club is called Colors and it is Swedens baddest party concept, argument dun! Safari Sound was honored to be the first dancehall act at this club as they book DJ´s and live acts who represent all kind of genres. So we gotta give a shout out to or good friend DJ Dainja who is the brain and muscle behind Colors, a special big up to Red Fox who was headlining this event and delivered one wicked live performance and last but not least big up the Gothenbourg massive who always gives nuff energy and love.

Here goes nearly one hour of hardcore jugglin with mainly new dancehall, spiced up with some classics and dubs. DJ Shirkhan on the turntables and Sammy K on the mic. Enjoy!

Short Video summary of the party:

Colors x Red from Hello Family on Vimeo.

Good news from Busy Signal!

„Reggae singer ‚Busy Signal‘, who was yesterday sentenced in a United States court to six months‘ imprisonment, should be back in Jamaica by November.

The artiste, who was sentenced in the state of Minnesota, will only serve two months of that sentence because he has already served four months in a lock-up, which is considered time served.“

Read more via Jamaica Observer.

Meanwhile enjoy the new video for The First Time.

Well, Tommy Lee is THE talk in Jamaica right now, but not my cup of coffee, and definitly not Bountys.

Anyways, here’s the video for Uncle Demon.