Mit ‘Supersonic’ getaggte Beiträge


Am Wochenende ist es soweit! Am Seepark Pfullendorf in Baden Württemberg findet die Keep It Real Jam statt.
Das Line-up spricht für sich! Vor allem dürfen wir auf den Clash zwischen Jugglerz, Supersonic und Komposti gespannt sein!
Vorverkauf geht bis Donnerstag oder holt euch einfach die Tickets vor Ort! Es wird auch Ein-Tages-Tickets geben!
Hier nochmal der Link zum Interview mit der ganzen Crew!
Und hier der Timetable:


Tonight we’re starting a busy weekend.

First, we’re juggle alongside the incredible Soundvibration from Bonn at our monthly regular Jamaican Lounge at Modul in Saarbrücken.

Right after that in the morning, we’re heading to the airport to fly to Berlin where we gonna mash up the Yaam together with Supersonic Sound tomorrow.

Make sure to check we out at one of the dances!

From what I’ve read on, Yardbeat took the title in last nights Modern Warfare Clash against City Lock in Berlin.

Seems like it was a deserved win, trough City Lock only took the first round and Yardbeat the other rounds plus DfD.

This Friday, February the 25th, after a long lean period, Berlin will be the battlefield for a soundclash again.

Berlin’s own City Lock Sound gonna clash against Yardbeat Sound from Japan at the Yaam.

Hosted and promoted by Supersonic Sound.

Edit 2: Both Sound did some Promo Dubplate Mixes for the Clash, check them.


City Lock

Somebody finally released a better version of the War Zone Clash in Antigua, a couple of weeks ago, than the shitty Paltalk-Rip.

Here you go.

Clash just done, and Supersonic took the win against King Addies, even tough Addies brought Tony Matterhorn this time.

Big up Supersonic on the win, this is huge.

This should make all badmind people shut up, but I guess  just more effin‘ excuses popping up, just like after the Global Clash.

Can’t wait to hear the Audios!

EDIT via

Even though it rained all nite, Clash fans came out to witness KING ADDIES vs SUPERSONIC.
Supersonic played well taking the first 4 rounds straight.
What the biggest struggle was having to compete with not only King Addies but also TonyMatterhorn from the 4 round.
After winning 4th round SuperSonic walks off the stage saying they were not going to clash 2 sounds when Matterhorn was now playing from his own dub box.
Sonic decides to go back to start the tune fi tube segment.
Clash finally over.
SUPERSONIC awarded the trophy.


King Addies himself just put up the Audio for last weeks Global Cup Clash on DHR.

Hopefully this is the full Audio of the night, after all that raetaetae that was going down latlely on DHR.

Nevertheless, the Promoter of the King Addies vs. Supersonic Clash in Antigua could never thank them peeps over on DHR enough for all those drama about the outcome of Global Clash. Best Promo him coulda wish for.

I personally think it’s the best that could happen to Soundclash right now.

We need this animosity to spice it up a little.