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2009 my girlfriend and I plus a couple of friends went to San Foca, a small town located in the very south of italy in a region called Salento, which is also known as the european Jamaica.

In this said town, they have a beautiful beach where they promote dancehall parties troughout the whole summer with thousands of people partying with the biggest names in the soundsystem business right now for nearly 15 years now.

If you see this bashments for the first time with your own eyes it’s kinda overwhelming. I never thaught that it’s possible to have such inceredible dancehall parties outside the caribbean.

And to promote Salento, and especially the Mamanera Reggae Beach to more people, Heavy Hammer Sound soon come along with a documentary bout this place.

Mamanera Reggae Boom Beach represents the best in reggae summer parties in Italy from 1999, every year the biggest european and world top selectors and sound systems play reggae and dancehall music from midnight until the sunlight with the musical direction of Heavy Hammer sound.
Bass Odissey, Ricky Trooper, Tony Matterhorn, Black Chiney, Ricky Trooper, Coppershot from Jamaica, Sentinel, Soundquake, Supersonic, Pow Pow, Rodigan, Warrior Intl, Sud Sound System, One Love Hi Pawa are just a small part of the names that touched the Mamanera turntables in these years, playing the best in reggae and dancehall music in front of more than five thousands people.
As Tony Matterhorn says: „Mamanera is just a piece of Jamaica moved to Italy“……

Mamanera is the place to be, it has no similar, it’s free music for free people, straight.

The official documentary will be soon out on this youtube channel, stay linked.
For more infos:

The Salento Reggae Summer just kicked off again with an very nice Dubplate-only Juggling Dance in Gallipoli, with One Love Hi-Powa, Sentinel and Supersonic on the bill.

Get the Audio by clicking the Flyer.

I finally found some time to upload a few pictures from my 2 week stay in San Foca, Italy after I came back sunday morning (not gonna mention the 13 hours spend on Bari Palese Airport, due to a delayed flight).

What else can I say, than what a place bomboclaaaat nice?!!

Beautiful landscapes, Olive trees wherever you look, crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, fresh seafood and reggae music every effin‘ night.

Visited places like Lecce, Brindisi, Martignano, San Foca, Santa Maria di Leuca, Gallipolli and so on and witnessed shows from Pow Pow Movement ( wicked like always, playing in front of at least 1500 people on Mamanera Beach), Full Squad, Wadada Sound, Pushman, Heavy Hammer ( they’re incredibly loaded, trust me), Terron Fabio, Papa Leu, Marina & Rankin Lele, City Lock (got an idea about what to expect from Riddim Clash, them really take this serious), Smoke ( good Live Band), Black Chiney (Bobby Chin seemed bored, so this show was not what I expected),TOK (new material is really poppish), Matterhorn (think he was kinda wasted, played like crap and had bare technical problems all night) and and best of all: BUSY SIGNAL at Gusto Dopa al Sole Festival.

This show was fucking amazing! He’s the kind of entertainer everybody should take as an advice how to perform.

Unfortunatly couldn’t make it to a Kalibandulu Show. 😦

Anyway, enjoy some of my pics here:

I’m heading to Salento/Italy

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on Saturday Night for my well deserved yearly vacation, so there will be no posts for at least 2 weeks in this blog!

If you’re in Salento also this august, search for a drunk, sun-burned, but extraordinary good looking guy, holla at him……maybe it’s someone I know.

Can’t wait to attend those Kartel, T.O.K., Matterhorn, Jah Vinchi, Black Ryno, Pow Pow, Sentinel, Kalibandulu, Soundquake, Junior Kelly, Cecile and Sud Sound Shows.

Beside of that, nothing special gone happen. 🙂

As I told you a while ago, I want to start a new (maybe-) monthly column over here where I will feature the most promising, upcoming sounds from germany, europe and the whole world.

Kick off is today with none other than the mighty Kalibandulu from Italy!


They’re making a lot of noise the last couple years with their excellent mix-cds and remixes, along with bookings all over italy and mainland europe.

So now it’s time to shine a light on this hardworking youths and spread the word.

Here we go:

# Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.

Yes, Kalibandulu is composed out of the 7 elements Moiz, MadMike & Fast which are juggling DJs, Major Larry and Rebel T which are both mcs & selectas and DonLeo, and last but not least Bando the wicked graphicman!!

Everybody hails from a different city of Italy, from south to north…MILAN-SALENTO CONNECTION!!


# When was the founding of your Sound and since when do you djing?

The Sound was founded in 1999 by Rebel T in Milan, during the years the crew has expanded and grown up in training today!
But before ’99 we played privately in pubs or at friends party. We understood our skill when we was invited to play in the most important club in milan, Pergola, in 2000.

# Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?

We play reggae in all his aspects, from the roots to extreme bashment, also we do our own remix regulary….we specialized inna fast jugglin‘!


# Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history, like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.

For us  that first dance in pergola was very important as i told you, because it gave us the opportunity to understand our real capacity.

After that we played all over Italy, but di baddest shows took place in salento…you know, till morning on the seaside!
We won 3 clashes so far, the first tag team clash in italy too and Moiz won a Dj Juggling War in Italy.

In 2009 we started to play in Europe, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Holland and our first time in Germany with the baddest european sound Sentinel!


# Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the real longtime plans for it?

Right now we are publishing our new RMX-CD „Jugglin ‚From Mars Vol.3“ which is getting a lot of good feedback from America, Jamaica and especially Europe!

On 4th of april we have a release show in Milan, then we start out to present it in Germany (Freiburg, Rosenheim) and around all italian cities!
We’re already working on the next RMX-CD alongside the Remix Kings of Miamis „Champion Squad“ (big up Reem and the whole crew).

Uhm, longtime plans? An european clash maybe, and we dream of world clash!

# Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?

We are lot of people, so everybody of us have a long and different musical history.

Its too long to name them all, but if I had to think of a sound it’s Stone Love because of the composition of the crew, and Black Chiney because of their style of playing.


  1. What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?

We played the first 2 years without dubs, after that the first and second Bandulu dubplate ever was voiced by SudSoundSystem.

In the early years we choose to play only italian artists and artists we’re friends with, but during years we earn money to cut jamaican artists… and now the dubbox is dangeroussss….!!!

Moiz, thank you for the interview and big up yourself and the whole Kalibandulu Crew.

If you want to get in touch with Kalibandulu check they’re myspace-page and also check out their remix-cd series

Juggling from Mars Vol 0

Juggling from Mars Vol 1

Juggling from Mars Vol 2

Juggling from Mars Vol 3