Mit ‘Mighty Crown’ getaggte Beiträge

Vielleicht hat der ein oder andere von euch schonmal von Gibbo und seinem Youtube Kanal Fire Juggling TV gehört, auf dem er regelmäßig Interviews hochlädt die er mit den Größen der internationalen Soundsystem Szene geführt hat.

Falls nicht, solltet ihr den Kanal schleunigst abonnieren.

Das neueste Interview führte er mit Sammy T und Simon von Mighty Crown, um die es in letzter Zeit meines Gefühls nach etwas ruhiger wurde. Gerade deshalb sollte das Interview interessant sein.

Gibbo speaks to Sami T and Masta Simon from Mighty Crown, during the UK leg of their Driving Force Tour.
Watch the in depth interview to find out

* What Sami was thinking when Justice tried to draw him into an impromptu clash in Jacksonville.

* Their thoughts on the „When Dubs Did Nice“ concept.

* How they reacted to King Addies joining the Irish and Chin camp.

* What went down between them and Addies in the Bronx, when „45 shop lock“

* If a clash with Addies is a possibility.

* If we will see Mighty Crown clash again.

* If their business ventures interest them more today then playing music or clashing.

* Why they have been able to translate their success in the dancehall, to success in the business world.

* All about the events they promote in Japan, including „Sound City“ and the „Yokohama Reggae Sai“.

* And much more.

One Classic Trojan Records Track / 4 Global Producers

Celebrating our long-standing roots within Jamaican culture, we’ve joined forces with the mighty Trojan Records to present four International DJ Producers notorious for their musical individuality.
With recognition to four cities across the globe that encompass a diverse heritage of sounds, we bring you four exclusive remixes from London, Naples, Tokyo and LA. Our DJ Producers: Toddla T (UK), Riva Starr (ITALY), Mighty Crown (JAPAN) and TOKiMONSTA (USA) spin The Pioneers ‘Let your yeah be yeah’ into their very own musical domain. Together all four International artists share our love and appreciation for Jamaican music and in their own unique style revive this reggae classic through each original remix.

Keeping things fresh throughout the coming months, we’re releasing a remix for free download every month, while our four artists show you around their home cities of London, Naples, Tokyo and LA in four exclusive documentaries and interviews.

Check out the thing via Clarks Originals.

Mighty Crown & Clae

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Seems like Mighty Crown teamed up with Clae to design a sneaker for their 20th anniversary a while ago. Totally missed this. But the shoes look dope!

They even made a mix for this.

More pics via Sneakerfreaker.

For Mighty Crowns 20th Anniversary they teamed up with urban streetwear brand Stüssy to create a special T-Shirt collection.

Sentinel Sound just released the Links of the Videostreamrip of the whole 2010 Jamaica World CLash Death before Dishonor on their Facebook Page to download.

Here are the Links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Ronny Record recently uploaded the official DVD Teaser for War ina East 2010 on youtube.

Hopefully the DVD doesn’t take as long as the last one.