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Sorry for the long Delay, but i’m a little sick right now and i couldn’t get myself in front of the computer till now.

Nevertheless we want to say farewell to 2008 and welcome the new year in the right way!

For us, it had been a very successful year and we hope we can stick to this in 2009.

And of course, Higher Level want to say a happy new year to all of you guys!

See you at a dance, at front of the stage.

Boom Bang!

Yes Massive, the year is done and we have just one upcoming dance in 2008 (which was a very exciting and successful year for us).

Thursday, the 25th of december we ago party with our friends from frankfurt, Rebel Rock Sound, at Club 6Null3 in Saarbrücken.


And of course, we give away free entry for two people. You just have to comment on of our blog entries and maybe you’re the lucky one.

Alright, right now we want to wish all of you a merry Christmas and, if we don’t see each other on thursday, a happy new year.

Watch out for the Level in 2-thousand-and-mine.

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As me told you here, the War Fever Clash is done and finally also the audios are up and running.

For all who missed the Live-Stream, you can download your slice of the clash from here.

Big up Guns-E-Num and Blazin Vibes!

Massive, let me tell you, I’m so ex-fucking-cited right now!

Sultan, from the mighty dutch champion sound Herb-A-Lize It, just published the line up for next years edition of the successful „War ina East“-Clash in Enschede in the east of Holland.

And believe me when I say: The line up is incredible huuuuge!

Must be the clash for 2009, hands down.

Just read what Sultan wrote:

Herbalize-It presents:
‚Tagteam Clash Europe vs. USA
Saturday the 4th of April
@ Poppodium Atak
Enschede, Holland



1 RULE: as agreed upon by all the Sounds taking part in the clash, specials(NAMECALLING TUNES) would be left out. This is not compulsory for War Ina East clashes but a demonstration of the flexibility and diversity of what this clash is all about.



ROUND 1 – Tag Team Round – The Introduction
LP International & Tek9 (30 min.) VS Supersonic & Sentinel (30 min.)
2 Points Awarded To Winner
ROUND 2 – In The Mix
LP International (10 min.) VS Supersonic (10 min.)
1 Point Awarded To Winner
Sentinel (10 min.) VS Tek9 (10 min.)
1 Point Awarded To Winner
ROUND 3 – Tag Team Round – Singers Round
LP International & Tek9 (20 min.) VS Supersonic & Sentinel (20 min.)
2 Points Awarded To Winner
ROUND 4 – In The Mix
Supersonic (10 min.) VS Tek9(10 min.)
1 Point Awarded To Winner
LP International (10 min.) VS Sentinel (10 Min.)
1 Point Awarded To Winner
ROUND 5 – Tag Team Round – Dub Fi Dub
TUNE-fi-TUNE Tag Team Round — A Best of 15!
The team that wins the tune-fi-tune is awarded 8 points!
Team With Most Points Wins The Clash!
When both teams have 8 points there will be ONE extra dub


This clash is THE must see for two-thousand-and-mine, no excuses! Make sure you make the trip.

See you inna Atak.


Btw: You can already discuss the outcome either on or on


Tonight we’re juggling alongside the mighty Pow Pow Movement at the’re regular dance at club „Petite Prince“ in cologne.

We are very excited and proud ‚bout the opportunity to play along this great sound at they’re own dance.

And after the dance last week in Saarbrücken, I bet this is going to be a bad-ass party from early.

Hopefully we’re seeing some off you guys in cologne tonight.

Maybe I’m able to take a few pics, but I couldn’t promise…don’t know bout the little beers they’re offering in this city.


Level Crew

The next upcoming clash that sounds very interesting takes place in venice, italy on the 31st of january.

The thing is called „Kill or Die trying“ and the contestants will be the foundation-specialist Heartical Sound from Paris, France and Northern Lights Sound from Udine, Italy.

The two sounds both was established in 1999, but nevertheless i barely heard something bout Northern Lights before this, while Heartical is well known over here. Seems like Northern Lights never played a foreign yet.


for me, this adds a great suprise effect and makes the clash even more interesting.

Unfortunatly I’m not able to go there, but some friends of me do.

So, I’m sure I can give you the full 100 right after the clash.

Maybe one or two days later…depends of the amount of liquor they’re sippin‘ that night. 😉



Johnny Killah (yep, the same one that use to DJ for Tony Matterhorn) has just released a brandnew 49 shots strong All-Busy Signal-Mix CD on his myspace-page.

The Mix includes some dubs also, tracklist seems kinda interesting.

You can get your piece by clicking on the front-cover.