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war ina east 2

War time again!
Die Audio vom „War ina East“ sind online und warten darauf down geloaded zu werden. Big up an Herbalize it für´s Veranstalten!
Keep Soundclash alive!


Sentinel 1st Round

Kosmik Movement 1st Round

Yardbeat 1st Round

Dub fi Dub: Kosmik vs Yardbeat


Ihr wisst es sowieso schon, aber trotzdem nochmal der Hinweis auf die Jamaican Lounge im Modul in Saarbrücken heute abend.

Sultan und D-One quälen sich über winterliche Autobahnen, Higher Level heizen das Modul und die PA vor, Mr. Six rührt den Rumpunch zusammen und ihr rüscht euch jetzt auf und zieht was hübsches an. Heute Nacht gehen wir steil wie ’ne Wand!

In ca. 3 Std. gehts los, yeeaah!


Die Jamaican Lounge geht in die nächste Runde und wir haben mit Herbalize it aus Enschede wieder ein richtiges Schwergewicht der europäischen Soundscene am Start. Am Freitag den 15.02.2013 wird die ganze Chose im Modul stattfinden und es wird gemunkelt, das es dort kalte Getränke geben soll! Um euch die Zeit bis dorthin ein bisschen zu verkürzen, hab ich euch die Aufnahme vom letzten Jahr wieder hochgeladen.

Dazu gibt es auch noch 2×1 Gästelisteplatz gewinnen. Hier die Frage: Warum konnte Herbalize it im Winter 2010 nicht auf der Jamaican Lounge spielen? Die Antwort schickt ihr bitte per Email an higherlevelsound[at] Viel Glück und bis Freitag!

Wow, this is sad news. This years War ina East has been cancelled by the promoter, Herbalize-It Sound.

Our biggest concern for the European Clash scene has been sadly made a reality. The last reservoir of love and dedication for supporting international clashes in this area of the world has vanished in a split second, and after many years of organizing successful clashes with increased trials and tribulations, we are forced to put War Ina East on hold until further notice. Herbalize-it is synonymous with being passionate, out-spoken and honest about the things we believe in, so it is only obvious we let the public know the main reason why we had no other option but to cancel the upcoming edition.

To put it simply, Economics!

The supply and demand rule of thumb has always been in our favour over the past editions, hence our astonishment when we saw how extremely low ticket sales have been up until this point, compared to the same period of past clashes. Just a handful of clash-fans secured their place for April 7th and even a monkey knows this indicates bad news on every level. God alone knows why so few of the many self-proclaimed clash lovers out there didn’t exercise their love for clashing and even more importantly, give their support in helping the culture survive. If you know why, we’ll love to hear. And yes yes we know like in the years gone by many tickets would be sold on the day at the venue. However, it would be absurd and irresponsible of us if we believed that on the night of the clash the attendance numbers would miraculously be sufficient to make the event realistic. Ticket sales have been way too low for us to take that risk.

After sitting with the venue to crunch the numbers and make a realistic portrait of the issue at hand, heavy disappointed hearts on both sides, the unbelievable decision was made to postpone, re-think, re-evaluate and re-plan! A very difficult decision especially after everything was organized with care and quality. Visas issued, flights and all the other intricates finalized, everything was ready! We said it before and would say it again, this is the nature of the beast! You could plan everything perfectly, but still…..

A deep apology and utmost respect goes out to Sentinel and Trooper. Two quality sounds showing true character and courage for keeping their cool and understanding this difficult situation. We must admit that Elmar at first was hesitant to take the clash and did warn us of the dying clash scene in Europe. But stubbornly in true Herbalize-it style and pattern we persevered and convinced him to participate. We refused to believe that the real clash-fans would not support a respected clash with a solid line-up. We were wrong. For this, we must again express a personal apology to Elmar and Sentinel.

Funny enough, there have been many many requests for a livestream or people wanting to know if there would be a live-stream for the clash. Internet, a double edge sword, advantageous in some ways, disadvantageous in others. The fact remains that its back to the drawing board for us. We are innovators but more than that we are believers. And we believe that this is not the end. We believe that their are people like us out there between all the fakers, who sincerely love this culture and want to see it once again thrive. At this very moment we are already in deep meditation for promoting local clashes and rivalries in various cities throughout Europe, and exchanging ideas with key promoters and organizations such as U-Club/ Riddim Clash on how we can jump-start the European Clash culture and build longevity.

To the fans that bought tickets, made plans, hotel reservations and to those of you who were planning to sort these things out in the upcoming days, we hope you understand this difficult decision and we appreciate your continued support. At the end of the day we do this for your fulljoyment, remember that!

We are very disappointed to have to break this news, but at the same time extremely excited and hopeful for the future.

We will be back, that you could count on!

Much Love & Respect

Today Sultan, of Herbalize-It Sound, announced the Line Up for this years War ina East Soundclash.

„So we gonna grab the bull by the horns and get right into it. 2011 clash scene in Europe was very disappointing. There were some potentially good clash line-ups which never lived up to the hype for one reason or the other. Promoters can plan everything perfectly down to the last detail, and yet things could go wrong, and the clash flops. Low massive turn out seemed to be the norm for 2011 and to answer the question why, we would need to start a special forum! Even our own WAR INA EAST 2011 edition had to be re-edited due to unforeseen circumstances when we thought we had all the bases covered. It’s the nature of the beast; in the clash scene expect the unexpected!

So here we are! In a year when there would be no Riddim Clash in Europe and a year which has been the most difficult in the history of Herbalize-it as promoters to overcome problems like sounds not wanting to clash or giving extremely crazy high prices. By the grace of the Almighty we were still able to pull of greatness and keep War Ina East aspiring to more greatness! We made a promise to you and in 2012 we plan on keeping it. We still believe that there are clash fans out there waiting and ready to full up venues to witness some hardcore soundkillin‘ entertainment. A mad clash revival is sweeping New York and the massive is up and ready! Big up the NYC clash fraternity! With that said we continue to bring you the highest quality in clash entertainment and value for your money. The only question is; „Europe are you ready to represent and show the world that our clash massive still have love for the culture?“

Easter weekend would be marked as a memorable day. On this day World Clash returns as we all know. And also on this day another monster War Ina East edition would be held to keep the spotlight on Europe. Again this year the venue would be Atak in our home city Enschede. We’re back in the big room with state of the art equipment, acoustics and sick lighting. Ask Supersonic or Mighty Crown. Atak is a comfortable clash paradise for the competitors and massive alike. The very best in Caribbean food and merchandise stalls also present of-course. So who are the sounds you ask?

Because entertainment is key to War Ina East clashes, this year we are going for a 1 vs 1 line-up. Two sounds, extra loaded dub boxes, no strangers to the clash arena! A night filled with deep diggin‘ in dub-boxes and blastin‘ musical bombshells. Europe’s World Champion Sound vs The Internationally Famous & Notorious former Jaro Selecta! Need we say more?

Massive and crew
Herbalize-it is proud to present
War Ina East 2012
Sentinel vs Sound Trooper
warmup:Herbalize-it & Soundvibration

April 7th 2012, get your peeps together and be in the building to witness a part of clash history on Dutch soil where the weed is „still“ legal!

more info about clash rules, when and where tickets could be bought, travel, accomodation etc. coming soon! So stay locked to twitter, facebook and your neighborhood chatty-chatty for the latest updates.

Herbalize-it Crew“

This party was insane! Thanks to everybody who showed up, not just to the last edition, but to all of our parties. It is you guys we do this for, remember.

As a little christmas present, here is the full audio for the last Jamaican Lounge with Higher Level and Herbalize-It.

Can’t wait to start 2012 with all of you, some really sick bashments are coming your way, trust me.

Different Download Mirror.

Dont forget the next Jamaican Lounge with Higher Level and the Dutch Champion Sound Herbalize-It this Friday at the Modul in Saarbrücken, Germany!