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Wow, just came back from the Kingston Hot Dance with Sentinel and Higher Level in the Rockers 33 Club in Stuttgart.

What else can I say than it was absofuckinglutly crazy! Next Level shit. Sentinel definitly have a big thing going on there, and I advise you to better check a Kingston Hot party fast, cause you won’t regret it.

This are some of the pics I’ve taken last night:

Here is the recording of last weeks Maccabee’z Muzik Clash in Brooklyn, New York between Soundvibration, Daddy Axe and Outlaw Sound.

Due to the famous street dance‘ anniversary a few days ago, Erin Macleod posted a pretty nice article, she wrote back in February 2009, for the Montreal Mirror on her Blog.

Every week, on Wednesday night, Spanish Town Road in the Tivoli Gardens area of West Kingston, Jamaica, transforms into Passa Passa. Five thousand people gather to dance and listen to music played by the soundsystem Swatch International—for free, outdoors and as loud as possible.“

Read the Full 100.

via Soundclash.

DJ Shirkan, of Malmö’s own Safari Sound, just dropped this brandnew Mix.

Feel free to take a slice!

One Track

Seperated Tracks

Erin Macleod just posted this Interview with Capleton on her Blog, which she did with the Prophet like 5 years ago.

„Capleton’s powerful voice has made him one of the most popular deejays today. Rarely, if ever, at a loss for words-the man released about 50 singles within the first three months of 2005-and blessed with sharp reasoning skills, there’s a reason why Clifton Bailey III was dubbed Capleton, the name of a well known lawyer…“

Read the rest.

The two Distant Relatives performing Welcome to Jamrock live at the Levi’s FADER Fort.

While Lloyd Banks teams up with Juelz Santana, riding  Beamer, Benz or Bentley, one of my favorite rappers, Joell Ortiz shares his Nissan, Honda, Chevy with Jim Jones, and Brandon Carter & Malik 16 holding it down for the public transportation, claiming Subway, Bus or walking you have one half of the Born Jamericans, Edley Shine, telling you about he’s a Badman, Rudebwoy, Shotta.

Vivian Blake, the former head of the notorious Shower Posse died Sunday afternoon at the University Hospital of the West Indies at age 54.

His Lawyer, George Soutar, said that he don’t know the cause of his death, but Blake was admitted to the hospital with breathing problems and he suffered from a kidney disease.

via Jamaica Gleaner.

If you want to find out more about Blake and the Shower Posse, or party-related crime in Jamaica, I advise you to read the book Born fi Dead, written by Laurie Gunst.

Here is the Audio for the Upper Cup 2010 between Northern Lights and Soundbwoys Destiny.

(Click the Flyer)