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Heckert Empire with the brandnew Video to Shotta Paul and Ronny Trettmanns Summer Banger „Rangschier“.

Seems like I need to get my Hair-Dyeing-A-Game up…

Strictly Vinyl Mix by Cool Hand Luke from the UK. 80’s & 90’s Digital straight.


1. Flow Brown – Teach Them Style (Techniques 12)
2. Sanchez – Come To Rule (Sir Coxsone 12)
3. Mark Wonder – We Rule (Black Scorpio 7)
4. Chuck Turner – Ah No Me She Love (Live & Love 12)
5. Scorpion – Love Jamaica (Parish 7)
6. Sluggy Ranks – Willing Fe Give Me (I-95 12 inch)
7. Johnny P & Scotty – Old Fire Stick (Living Room 12)
8. Conroy Smith – Dangerous (Grade One 12)
9. Alton Black & Blacka Ranks – Gal A Watch Yu (Witty 12)
10. Apache Scratchie – Link Up (Shelly’s LP)
11, Sleepy Wonder – Respect (Shelly’s LP)
12. Malibu – Dancehall Thriller (J&M 7)
13. Pad Anthony – Turn Up The Volume (Steely & Cleevie 12)
14. Anthony Johnson – Dancehall Vibes (Jammys/Dubstore 7)
15. Cooler – The Sea (Ikus 12)
16. Colonel Lloydie – Tender Touch (Star Light 12)
17. Peter Lloyd – Dancehall Queen (Greensleeves 12)
18. Robert Ffrench – When You Come A Dance (Parish LP)
19. Courtney Melody – Turn Dem back (Ffrench 7)
20. Tiger – Wanga Gut (Tiger 12)
21. Conroy Smith – Dancehall Posse (Kemarley 12)
22. Sanchez – Sweetest Sound (Techniques 12)
23. Super Cat – Sweets For My Sweet (Skengdon 12)
24. Screwdriver – Dancehall Full Up (Kangal 7)
25. Pliers – Murder We Wrote (Pioneer Muzik 12)
26. Pinchers – Kingston 13 (Ossie 7)
27. Sugar Dee – Nice Up The Dance (Y&D 12)
28. Screwdriver – Young Girls Life (Redman 12)
29. Destry Don – Come Follow Me (Jah Youth 7)
30. Sister Chinna – Jam The Calypso (Harry J 7)
31. Little Clarkie – Bubble & Rock (Y&D 12)
32. Yoruba – Jollification (Stage 7)

via Shimmy Shimmy.

Hopefully most of you guys already know about Ma’ting, a switzerland-based clothing brand inspired by Jamaican Dancehall Culture, making huge waves on the interwebs since a few months. did a Interview with the designer and ceo of the brand, Alex Evequoz.

Tell us how Ma-ting got started?
I started by myself. I love JA and doing graphic design so I decided on trying to mix both passions for fun. I started out by drawing  one reggae artist in cartoon and then decided I will “mek dem all”… Then Don Corleon, which I drew, saw his cartoon and asked me if he could use it as logo. I purposed to him to mek a signature t shirt made by us, and he said yes… So then we decide, with my friend, to mek a whole t shirt line…

Check out the whole Interview at

Safari Sound recently released their brandnew Mix Kingsize Ballads Vol.1 , packed with nuff new Tunes and Dubs. As the name tells you, this is just the beginning of a new mix series from the notorious Soundmen Shirkan and Sammy K from Malmö, Sweden.

Download the Mix by clicking the Cover, which was, by the way, done by Ma’ting’s Alex Evequoz from Switzerland.