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A next interesting clash coming up in November, called the Scandinavian Shoot Out.

Seems like a Tag Team Clash between Komposti and Lionhead on behalf of Finland and the likes of Million Vibes and Trinity from Sweden.

Hosted by Joscha from Silly Walks Discotheque outta Germany.

Really looking forward, this should be nice.


Just reactivated our old Facebook-Account again.

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After Mavados On the Go and Kartels Usain Bolt you have the next tribute to the triple world record holder and gold medal winner Usain Bolt by Sheldon Senior. And it comes along with a Video.

Everybody, do di Usain!

A while ago, Leipzigs Upliftment International & Germaica Digital released a free Alley Cat One Artist-Mix CD with nuff Dubs on it.

(Get the Mix CD by clicking the Cover)

„Leipzig’s top sound UPLIFTMENT INT’L today releases it’s 3rd Artiste Mix within 12 months already. It has been a successful year for “THE GERMAICA SOLDIERS” establishing a new regular dance in their hometown called “Fly High!, playing shows in Europe – amongst them the Russia debut in Moscow – and releasing various mixes… And now a new dream team is born! Jamaican Dancehall Artiste ALLEY CAT and UPLIFTMENT INT’L announce the release of their first Mix-CD! The Mix “The Imperial” is a showcase of the Artiste’s skills and combines classic anthems of the 90s with material of his 2003 release “The Imperial” and ALLEY CATs latest album “Dancehall Knowledge Vol.1. For the bonus track “Mama Warning” GERMAICA C.E.O. Pionear went deep into the label’s vaults and discovered the first work of ALLEY CAT for GERMAICA from the year 2000. The song was part of the first GERMAICAN RECORDS compilation ever called “Germaican Link Up!” which combines Jamaican Dancehall Stars and German HipHop Artistes. Selector FLO transformed all of that into a brilliant and entertaining 40 minutes mix to show what ALLEY CAT has to offer. Of course it’s not just tunes but mostly dubs we’re talking about here… For all of you who are not too familiar with the Artiste here a short introduction: ALLEY CAT originates from Tivoli Gardens, Kingston 14/Jamaica and made his way into the business via Donovan Germaine’s Penthouse and Dave Kelly’s Madhouse labels. His breakthrough hits are “Girls Tour” and “Hot Gal”. In 2003 He started his own outlet “Imperial Productions”. Alley Cat’s current album “Dancehall Knowledge Vol.1″ is just released and also marks the beginning of a management co-operation with Syl Gordon and his Cell Block 321 family. You can download the mix in the “GERMAICA Downloads” section… From Kingston 14 to Leipzig-Südost: It’s the Impeeeriaaal!“

I finally found some time to upload a few pictures from my 2 week stay in San Foca, Italy after I came back sunday morning (not gonna mention the 13 hours spend on Bari Palese Airport, due to a delayed flight).

What else can I say, than what a place bomboclaaaat nice?!!

Beautiful landscapes, Olive trees wherever you look, crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, fresh seafood and reggae music every effin‘ night.

Visited places like Lecce, Brindisi, Martignano, San Foca, Santa Maria di Leuca, Gallipolli and so on and witnessed shows from Pow Pow Movement ( wicked like always, playing in front of at least 1500 people on Mamanera Beach), Full Squad, Wadada Sound, Pushman, Heavy Hammer ( they’re incredibly loaded, trust me), Terron Fabio, Papa Leu, Marina & Rankin Lele, City Lock (got an idea about what to expect from Riddim Clash, them really take this serious), Smoke ( good Live Band), Black Chiney (Bobby Chin seemed bored, so this show was not what I expected),TOK (new material is really poppish), Matterhorn (think he was kinda wasted, played like crap and had bare technical problems all night) and and best of all: BUSY SIGNAL at Gusto Dopa al Sole Festival.

This show was fucking amazing! He’s the kind of entertainer everybody should take as an advice how to perform.

Unfortunatly couldn’t make it to a Kalibandulu Show. 😦

Anyway, enjoy some of my pics here:

Demarco „True Friend“ Video

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Check Check.

Brandnew Video to Curtis Lynch produced Ziggi Tune Smoke’s in the Air.

Shooted by State 31 in Amsterdam.