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Playing@Flucht nach Vorn Club tonight.

If you’re around the town, better show up.


R.I.P King of Pop

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Wow, first of all we have to thank everybody who showed up!

It was a huge pleasure and success to welcome everyone to our new regular club „Das Modul“, the Dance did sell aawwwfff!

Secondly we’re proud to announce that we’re able to donate 790€ to the Help Jamaica e.V.

Thank you Saarland Massive, love y’all!

Now enjoy the pics:

Finally I got some Pics of the Pit Fight Clash, which Sting like a Bee won, from my good friend Dancelmeh.

Unfortunatly there will be NO AUDIO of this Clash coming out, but propably there will be a DVD Release soon.

So, in the meantime enjoy the (unsorted) pics.

Shotta Paul & Meska of Sentinel/Rollin Tone Fame have their own weekly Internet-Radio-Show now, which will come out every thursday as a stream, or later to download to your computer.

You can already hear the first episode of the show at

or download it directly right here.

And don’t forget that both of them juggling alongside with us 2night@DAS MODUL in Saarbrücken.

Things I effin hate #4

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People who keep trying to talk to me, even tough they obviously see that I’m reading the newspaper, and to make it even worse, they’ve already realized that I’m responding just monosyllabic.

Don’t talking ‚bout real conversations, just this effin nonsens talk like „what up“ and stuff.

Last month, danish champion sound Firehouse, played a few dances in Germany.

This one is the live-recording from their gig at Munich’s Titanic City.

(Get the Audio by right-clickin‘ & save as the Flyer.)