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I haven’t post any downloadable Clash since a long time, so I’ll just post last weeks‘ Adriatic Cup Clash, that take place in Senigallia, Italy.

This was a Clash between Selector Pushman from Foggia and Pure Love Sound from Pescara.

Rules was like this:

1 Round: 10 mins strictly 45
2 Round: 20 mins Dubplates
3 Round: 10 mins Dubplates
4 Round: Dub fi dub 10 tunes each sound

(Get the Clash by clicking on the Flyer)


Big up to Hotta Faya Family & Always Loving Jah Sound for promoting this Clash

Well well, it took a long time, but I’m back with a new Interview!

This time we all take a look to the k.u.k. nation namely Austria and get used to the positive sound from Tragwein called

Good Vibration.


# Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.

Well, this is Good Vibration also known as the positive sound from Austria.

The crew-members are so far: Highman (our Top-Selecta), Klopi (MC, Selecta, founding member and musical mastermind), Kutchie (MC, Selecta, Operator), Neule (Selecta, founding member, Soundengineer) and Rudy (Selecta, founding member, Management)


# When was the founding of your Sound and since when do you djing?

Good Vibration was established in 2003.

Klopi has been in the music biz over years and started djing around 1997, as well as Neule.

Highman – formerly Fireclath Sound – is selecting since 2000.

Kutchie is the veteran in the Sound – formerly Old Dog and Jah Power Sound member – spinning and operating since 1995.

Rudy has been listening to reggae music for a long time and started selecting around 2003.

# Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?

We focus on reggae and dancehall, but Hip Hop, RnB and Soul are played as well.

Good Vibration is known for excellent juggling and speeches, perfect teamwork and the biggest and most powerful soundsystem in Austria.

In the early afternoon the crew begins stacking the soundwall for high quality entertainment, original soundsystem culture, simply jamaican style.


# Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history, like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.

Good Vibration has not been part of a soundwar till now, and clashing is not our first priority.

We`ve played  in Jamaica a couple of times.

These great experiences were really pathbreaking for us.

In Austria we have organized open air dances up to 2000 people and played alongside sounds like Bass Odyssey, Stone Love, Black Scorpio and so on.

stone love

Black Scorpio

link up

# Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the real longtime plans for it?

Step by step, we don`t rush it! Always working on our performance and skills. In the future Good Vibration should be well known in the international reggae scene.


# Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?

Selecta Bert & Soundsgood Intl, Stone Loves‘ art of juggling, Zee Original Bass Odyssey, King Jammys Super Power, Black Scorpio, Bounty Killer, Capleton, Sizzla, Anthony B…to many great artists and Soundsystems to mention.


# What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?

The first dubplate for Good Vibration has been voiced by Lone Ranger, and yes, we still play and enjoy  it.

Thank you very much for the Interview Good Vibration and good luck for the future!

Make sure to check out this 80min. Live-Audio of Good Vibration juggling.



Riddim/U-Club just announced the complete line up for Riddim Clash.

Surprisingly they haven’t added just one, but two of Germanys most promising young guns to the Slaughterhouse.

Totally unsuspected, but City Lock from Berlin and Deebuzz from Mannheim are in for the kill.

I’m kinda exited if the can bring their A-Game and move their reputation to the next Level.

We’ll see.

Big up anyways.

New Dancehall Show called  „To Di World“ produced by Silver Star Sounds‘ related Tramplaz TV.

Via Burden Clothing

Check Laden and Chino Interviews.

This Weekend we’re bout to play@Ruhr Reggae Summer at the U-Club Soundsystem Tent on Saturdays, alongside a whole heap of our friends, like Pow Pow Movement, Mango Tree and Warrior Sound.

So if you’re around the Ruhr Area, or you don’t have something important to do, make sure to check this awesome little Festival.

To Rest of the Line-Up also looks very dope, you get me?!


Silly Walks Discotheque ‚bout to release their first riddim in a long time on their new founded Silly Walks Discotheque Label called „Aspire“ very soon.

The Riddim was co-produced by Supersonics own Jr. Blender and they have voiced Artists like Gentleman, Luciano, Louie Culture, Lady G, Rebellion, Lutan Fyah, Phenomden, Joggo, Black Dillinger, Nkulee Dube (Lucky Dube’s Daughter), Kali Blaxx, Prestige und Jr King on the Riddim.

You can hear a first Megamix of the Riddim on their Myspace Page.

Wow, what a nice Dance indeed.

Don’t know about economical crisis, but Jamaican Lounge still the place to be in Saarbrücken for Reggae and Dancehall.

Vibes was off the hook and everybody got their money’s worth, definitly.


Just found this Interview with Welton Irie in my Bookmarks again. I totally forgot about this, but have to read it instantly.

And because I’m a nice guy, I’m gonna share it with you.

Here you go.

Take a look at Millions brandnew Video for „Love we a deal with“ on the Here I am Riddim.

…check out the first t-shirt design of our favourite pixelpirate Hekmek and make sure to order some for the festival season!