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  1. danmihalache sagt:

    The real value of freedom is not to the minority that wants to talk, but to the majority that does not want to listen.

    Zechariah Chafee (1885-1957)
    The Blessings of Liberty, 1956

  2. Brite sagt:

    Nuff Respect! Have u seen our newly design website


    and the new logo by design design-boss Hekmek ? Maybe u have spyce in your blogroll?


  3. whatsofuckingever sagt:

    Of course Birte! Thanks for the hint, never thought about, lol.

  4. Nathaniel sagt:

    This is Nate from VP Records, I’m trying to get the contact info for the person I would send new releases to for review and press releases. Thanks

  5. Niels sagt:

    Big up Higher Level crew,

    just wanna leave a quick shout out to you guys.
    Thank you for one of the best raggae related blogs there is…Keep on the good works.

    Greetings from OWL

  6. whatsofuckingever sagt:

    Thanks Niels, we really appreciate it!

  7. dj one drop sagt:

    Highher Level, Bless Up.

  8. whatsofuckingever sagt:

    Yup, No Problem.

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