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DJ Viktorious also known as Viktorious Dread, the man behind the Rubadubots, just came along with this wicked Mix.

1 hour live mix of X-rated, Punanny, Slackness and Guntunes! Boom!

Strictly 7″ and 12″ vinyl as usual.

01. Cobra – Gundelero
03. Bounty Killer – Copper Shot
04. Ninjaman – My Weapon
05. Daddy Woody – Punany Chemist
06. Gregory Peck – Oversize Mampie
07. Tullo T – Original Punanny Don
08. General Levy – Javelin Pole
09. Scotty & Johnny P – Face Out & Dollas Out
10. Lecturer – Punanny Too Sweet
11. Derrick Irie – Me Want A Lady
12. Joseph Stepper – Bumper
13. Ninja Kid – Boom Bye Between Gal Leg
14. Tumpa Lion – Tight Like A Virgin
15. Little Lenny – Punanny Tegereg
16. Super C – Gal Yu Fat
17. Mikey Merica – Nuf Lef Yuh Gun
18. Lady Levi – Rude Boys
19. Buju Banton – Stamina Daddy
20. Buju Banton – Bring Yu Body Come
21. Daddy Screw – Money Money
22. Shabba Ranks – Money Is A Muss
23. Pan Head – Punny Printer
24. Buju Banton – Batty Rider
25. Joseph Stepper – Wife
26. Simpleton – Coca Cola Shape
27. Cobra – Shot No Talk
28. Ninja Man – Shot A Talk
29. Cutty Ranks – A Fool Dat
30. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb
31. Bajja Jedd & Screechy Dan – Big Bills
32. Mackie Ranks – 100% Body
33. Stasha Ranks – Without Control
34. Shabba Ranks – Love Punanny Bad
35. Shabba Ranks – Live Blanket
36. Shabba Ranks – Wicked In Bed
37. Shabba Ranks – Trailor Load A Girls
38. Little Lenny – Gun In A Baggy
39. Cobra – Train Length
40. Ricky General – Gun Nuh Join Church
41. Wickerman – ‚Matic
42. Little Meeks & Daddy Meeks – Shelter Breast
43. Lilly Melody – Big In Bed

Nice recap of Etzia & Lady Louise‘ short tour trough austria and germany in 2011.

[Video] Klumben – Hobby

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Even tough I don’t understand a single word, this Maffi-produced Tune by danish dancehall artist Klumben is a straight earworm. Catchy as fuck.

One of our favorite Blogs, LargeUp, did an nice interview with Walshy Killa. Wicked read!

LargeUp: How did you get started as a DJ?
Walshy Fire: I went to Clark Atlanta University and met with a sound called Changes, which was originally from Nannyville, Jamaica. To give you the real history of it, I used to sell dancehall tapes at events here in Miami. During the summer in high school and college, I would go to Jamaica, rack up on the latest cassettes—because I’m from Halfway Tree, all the cassette places were right there— and come back and duplicate and sell tapes. At night I was always standing outside the party with a radio and tapes. I made nice money off of that too because at that time there was no other way to hear your favorite sound. You’re gonna listen to Kilimanjaro or Stone Love, there’s not many people bringing tapes to you. I would post up where there was a lot of traffic, put the radio on the floor and have a box of cassettes in my hand and yell stuff like “Sound dead!” to grab peoples attention

Read the whole Interview over at LargeUp.

Amazing Remix to Amy Winehouse‘ Hit Half Time with an additional Puppa Albo Verse.

We’re juggling alongside the mighty Pow Pow Movement and the everlasting Sentinel Sound at their monthly Dancehall-Party Kingston Hot tomorrow in Stuttgart, Germany. All Patrons come out, this ones going to be real maaaad!

Some of you may know bout my love, or better, addiction to schwyzerdütsch mundart-Reggae and Dancehall already. So you can imagine how exited i am about this project from Schaffhausens own Boom di Ting Sound. A 27 track strong compilation of brandnew tunes from swiss newcomers and longtime artists, all never heard yet.

Ican’t await the release of Helvetia Connection next month. Watch out for it.

Reggae star Gyptian delivering his rendition of the late, great Gregory Isaacs‘ classic, „My Number One“!

Peter Hunnigale Interview

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Check Zigedub’s Innerview with Peter Hunnigale, who has been nominated „Best British Male Vocalist“ at the British Reggae Industry Awards (Voting is still open until August 2012). This show was broadcast on on March 20, 2012.

2012.03.20 Zigedub Back2Basics with Peter Hunnigale by Germaicanlady on Mixcloud

[Video] Demarco – Kingston City

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Brandnew Demarco Banger.