Mit ‘Yardbeat Sound’ getaggte Beiträge

From what I’ve read on, Yardbeat took the title in last nights Modern Warfare Clash against City Lock in Berlin.

Seems like it was a deserved win, trough City Lock only took the first round and Yardbeat the other rounds plus DfD.

Today we gonna take a look to the land of the rising sun and feature a very young, but yet successful sound from Japan, namely



Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.

We are Yard Beat the garrison sound. We have two teams, one in Japan and one in New York. The official members are Desem, Mitch and Taka with the Holy Box Crew (Sound System engineers). Desem and Taka play in Japan at least 3 times a week. Every Monday 8pm to 10pm, Mitch plays in New York with other selector on the Xclusive Radio (FM97.5) with Tek 9 Sound from Brooklyn.


When was the founding of your Sound and since when do you djing?

Yard Beat was founded in January 2008. Desem has been dijing over 15 years. He used to play for Infinity 16 Sound before. Mitch also used to play for other sound. We have been listening to Reggae music since we are 15 years old.


Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?

We love the sound clash because we are addicted to dubplates LOL… But we can play jugging style and sound clash style. It really depends on the vibes and line up… We juggle most of the times in New York but we have 5 clash dates in Japan next month. We can fit to anything.

Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history, like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.

Even though we have enough experiences individually, we are still a 2 years old sound.

But we played the Global Clash 2k9 in New York.

We got defeated but it was just beginning and we are willing to take more

clash dates anywhere in the world. We never stop clashing!

Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the real longtime plans for it?

We are looking for other clash dates overseas. Just keep on doing our best and build the reputation in overseas. Get the trophy!

Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?

It is extremely hard to name one but I would say Biltmore days in New York…

What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?

Israel Vibration, and yes, it is our anthem.

Thank you Desem and Yardbeat Sound for the answers.

You guys can check out more of Yardbeat Sound at




Xclusive Radio Station FM 97.5 (NY) Every Monday 8pm – 10pm Yard Beat alongside Tek 9 aka NY to Japan LINK