Mit ‘T-Zion’ getaggte Beiträge

Irie Crew, from Nancy, France, recently came along with this new Mix CD, mixed by T-Zion.

Yesterday night in his home yard, the U-Club in Wuppertal, against Irie Crew from France.

Heard it was a little bit biased, but overall a deserved victory.

Congratulations Mattia. interviewed Selector T-Zion outta Nancy based Irie Crew also. This time in english.

Go, check it here.

My Gosh, the promoters fror French Crown Sound Clash been very fast with the audio, it’s already available!

Thanks for Natty Will for the upload, big up yourself Star.

(Get yourself a slice by clicking on the image)

Btw: Found a little rundown from Scien J on DHR:

ok let me sum it up quickly

so the clash was in caen, it’s 2h drive from paris in a big big place called „le cargo“, the place was wicked, sound good, big screen behind the stage,etc… the promoers did a really good work to put the thing the best as they can with moreover a huge promotion (for france…).

so first heartical dropped out first, sergio played some nice dubs as usual but to me too many I’ve already heard, one big shabba refix at the end of his first round but he didn’t really connect to the people.

warrior played very nice, the man matthia was alone and made some nice speech, one big kartel pon the no no no, some shaggy,etc…his 2 first rounds were the best but the third was a bite less. him stopped his round 3 minutes before the end.

irie was ok but not as good as the rid clash, their first round flopped, then the second was ok and the third was good that’s why they diserved the dub fi dub. same way some big tunes were played like undred stab pon the belly ska, child molester, some tunes pon the chase vampaya,etc… smocky talked may be a bite too much for the french massives, I mean honesltly the half of the crowd didn’t catch anything of the speech or the lyrics in english, smocky made some jokes and only a few clash addicts understood the meaning of the things…. and it was the default of this clash, the non comprehension set up a lack of reaction between the sounds and the crowd. A lot of sounds do a good job in this part of the country but you know it’s not like in germany, belgium or holland, all of them speak always in french so the most part of the people don’t understand anything about speech…. the mc of the clash ask for voting even in french because he saw that it will be easier…

finally supafresh, prophet was alone but I’m sure if the whole crew were there they would have taken the trophee easily…. to me he was the mc with the most vibe and we were able to know in his voice that he was really happy to be here. I saw a lof of experience compared to the other mcs. He dropped after heartical after a third round a bite lame but he starts really good with some old sizzla, jah cure, big bounty, dennuis,etc…. again the lack of compression was there but long time i’ve never seen a mc with a vibe like that.

so I have to big up the promoter, I’m not sure there will be a part 2 next year because the place wasn’t full up and u know already how much money u can loose with an event like that….the price of this event was at least 25e and it really expensive for france, especially to make move some people from paris or further. I think france, or at least the whole country except paris, isn’t ready yet for international soundclashes, the sounds have to buss english first, we saw it fi real yesterday. Here everything was really proper, big promotion, big place, sounds with a name, may be not so famous for average french crowd but u know already how the „irish & chin sounds“ thief the promoters money…

anyway big up will it was nice, next clash this friday in lille for the north cup : i rise vs rollin, then saturday in holland for the tag team, next week in paris for the reggae champion arena and finally at the end of april in germany for civalizee trooper, war a gwaan good in europe!