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Well, 2 Clashes of 3 this weekend are over, and it seems like Foundation Sound won in Wuppertal

and Supersonic took the Global Clash Title in NYC.

Respect to both of them!

From what i’ve read the clash in Wuppertal was a bit boring and nothing special, but we have to decide when the Audio’s  dropping.

Curious if Foundation is on a killing spree now and take also the clash in Gütersloh tonight against Trinity Sound.

For the Global Clash, Rootsman dropped out first, then Yardbeat and finally Black Kat. Sonic and Addies played Dub fi Dub.

Seems like the next weekend has a lot of bloodsplashing goin‘ on that you guys need to know about.

First you have, on Friday, the 3rd of December, the annual Global Clash, in Brooklyn, New York.

Black Kat, Supersonic, King Addies, Rootsman and Yardbeat ago war it out at C-Pac.

Across the pond, at the Bloomclub in Wuppertal Germany, there’s the Global Shoot Out Clash with Sensi Movement from Chemnitz, Germany clashing against Gunz’n’Rozez from Ontario, Canada and Foundation Sound from the Netherlands on Friday.

Then, on Saturday, the 4th of December, Foundation Sound clashes again, against Trinity Sound from Stockholm, Sweden at the Weberei in Gütersloh, Germany.

Let the Games begin!


Just found the new flyer for this years World Sound Cup Clash online that gonna take place on the 25th of September at the O2 Acadmy in London, between Barrier Free, King Tubbys, Supersonic, Sound Trooper, JNR Sound and Poison Dart. Let’s see if you can point out the mistake. 🙂

Ronny Record recently uploaded the official DVD Teaser for War ina East 2010 on youtube.

Hopefully the DVD doesn’t take as long as the last one.

Supersonic just upped a mix of their customized tunes for the War ina East, which they’ve won over Mighty Crown last Saturday, on their Homepage.


Recently Selecta Denace from Treva Massive put the whole Dub fi Dub from War ina East on youchuuuube.

Last night Supersonic, out of Berlin, took the War ina East Trophy after a One-on-One Fight against the Far East Ruler, Mighty Crown.

Supersonic dominated all the rounds, but almost gave the win away in the dub-fi-dub.

Don’t know why, but the massive’s mood kinda turned a little on sonic during the last round and dfd.

I’m too effin tired right now, so I’m not gonna write a rundown, cause you will hear it all when the audio drops, or ON YOUCHUUUUBE!

Unfortunatly I have no pictures this year, Atak didn’t allow cameras in the audience.

EDIT: Audio’s already online!

EDIT 2: Ojt from the mighty Treava Massive also recorded the Clash live from the Audience with a Mic, so if you looking for a recording with some more vibes on it, because of massive crowd reaction get this one here.