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Germaica Digital just released the new EP of my favorite european dancehall artist Joey Fever called Good & Simple.

The whole EP was produced by Emir „Youthman“ Kobilic.

Make sure to check this awesome EP via Soundcloud and buy it on Itunes, it’s really worth it!

Higher Level Sound is about to play in Stockholm, Sweden at Bysis alongside Trinity Sound this Friday.

This Dance will also be the 17th Anniversary of Trinity Sound!

All STHLM Massive rope eeen!


Seems like I’ve been lost in the north, since the new interview in this column features a Sound from Scandinavia, to precise it, from Sweden, again!


Rough Lynx Sound hails from the second biggest swedish city Gothenburg, but the members lives all over Sweden now.

They’re not just a soundsystem, but also produces tuff digital riddims, some good bassline tunes and electro/house/whatever also.

Odiggity also have a really good blog of his own, in which he feature posts about hiphop, rnb, soul, grime, crate diggin‘ and nuff other stuff.

OK, so let’s start the ball a roll.


# Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.

We are Rough Lynx, baddest sound outta Sweden consisting of Andreas, Ant-E, David, Jonas and O-Diggity. We’re based in Sweden’s second biggest city Gothenburg.

# When was the founding of your Sound and since when do you djing?

After collecting records for years David, Andreas & Jonas founded the sound in 2003. About a year after that childhood friends O-Diggity and Ant-E, who had just started a sound of their own, were invited to join us.

We have worked with a few different mic-men over the years including reggae artist and producer Kapten Röd (known for producing smash hit riddim Everyday), Splurt (who’s in now splitting his time between NYC, Jamaica and Sweden and Brian London.

# Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?

We play just about everything from the 70’s rocksteady and roots business through digital 80’s and 90’s up to the latest dancehall and roots. We’ve always focused on quality rather than label or time period. We always try to dig deep and mixing up the more well known hits with obscure undercover tunes.

However, we are specialized in different periods and styles. For example, Andreas plays mainly 80’s digital and 90’s roots while Ant-E often showcase a bad boy 90’s selection. David plays the most up to the time selection while O-Diggity & Jonas can handle pretty much every era or style, O-Diggity can also cover Hip-Hop/RnB from all eras if that’s needed. It’s all about selecting the right music for the right crowd. Being five people with different areas of expertise we manage to adapt to pretty much any crowd we face.


# Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history, like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.

Well, we have two clash titles from the anually held West Coast Clash here in Sweden. In one we defeated Million Vibes (from Malmoe) in the dub fi dub and in the other long time rivals (and friends of course) Axxion Pack.

Regarding wicked dances we’ve had quite a few memorable moments. We’ve probably done 400+ dances throughout the years so it’s hard to pick one but the first couple of times at our first club ‚Knock Out‘ back in 2003 were great. Packed venue, lots of people waiting outside that couldn’t get in and just great vibes.

Another time we warmed the crowd before a Barrington Levy show at the Gothenburg Reggae Festival. Barrington was the highlight of the festival so all people there had gathered at the main stage and we rocked it.

# Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the real longtime plans for it?

We will continue to cut dubs and spin records when ever we get booked. We are split up between two cities, Gothenburg & Oslo, (soon to become three as O-Diggity moves to Stockholm this fall to study music production) and we are therefore able to let the sound grow to something even bigger.
And since all of us are doing other things besides spinning records such as music production, design & film making we will spread the Rough Lynx vibes through those channels aswell.


# Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?

I guess we have quite a few influences considering that we’re five people in the sound. When we started out there wasn’t that many sounds in Sweden so I guess you could say that our friends in Axxion Pack Sound were an influence, being the biggest sound in our city.

As far as artists go, we have developed a special bond with a few singers and deejays that we continue to work with from time to time. Artists like Robert Lee, Ranking Joe ect..


# What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?

The three first dubs we cut were Simpleton (R.I.P) ‚Coca Cola Shape‘, Everton Blender ‚The Man‘ and a Jimmy London. We got them all at the same time and still play the Simpleton and Everton Blender. The Jimmy London has rested in the box for quite some time now without being pulled out.

Thank you for the Interview Rough Lynx, and you guys, please make sure to visit their myspace site, take in a show if they gonna make a appereance near you and get their newest mix, which is a tribute to legendary producer Gussie Clarke.