Mit ‘Soundvibration’ getaggte Beiträge

Tonight we’re starting a busy weekend.

First, we’re juggle alongside the incredible Soundvibration from Bonn at our monthly regular Jamaican Lounge at Modul in Saarbrücken.

Right after that in the morning, we’re heading to the airport to fly to Berlin where we gonna mash up the Yaam together with Supersonic Sound tomorrow.

Make sure to check we out at one of the dances!

The August Edition of Jamaican Lounge will feature, none others than the notorious Soundkillers from the former german capital, the big, bad and bold Soundvibration from Bonn, Germany.

First time ever in Saarbrücken, fully loaded with incredible dubplate specials and big tunes, Soundvibration will mash up the Modul alongside your host, Higher Level Sound.

Quality Entertainment as usual!

Last weekend, the Place of Death Clash, took place at the U-Club in Wuppertal, Germany.

Soundvibration from Germany clashed against Dancehall Soldiers from Italy and Ruffpack from Switzerland.

From what I’ve been told SVB took the victory by landslide but you can decide for yourself by downloading the clash, which the U-Club already put up, via Sendspace.

Download the Build Them A Coffin Clash

via Reggae-Town

…the Build them a coffin Clash yesterday in Münster, Germany.

Massaya dropped out first. Then Soundvibration defeated Culture Rock in the Dub-fi-Dub.

Gonna link you with the Audio a.s.a.p.

The Promoter has found a new date for the postponed Born to Kill Soundclash between London’s Lazerforce Sound and Northcoast Fire Sound from Mainz, Germany. New Flyer sameway.


If you’re a real supporter of the art of Soundclash, and you’re around the NRW/Cologne-area this Friday, I advice you to check out this Clash that Mr. Smoka of Guns-E-Num put up in cooperation with Soundvibration from Bonn at the Kolbhalle in Cologne-Ehrenfeld on Friday, the 18th of June.

Contestants will be Lazerforce from the UK and Northcoast Fire from Mainz, Germany.