Mit ‘Soundchat’ getaggte Beiträge

Im Rahmen seiner Soundchat Reihe hat sich Chin, von Irish & Chin Promotions, vor kurzem mit Tippa Irie in London getroffen und sich von ihm ein wenig über die  Anfänge seiner Karriere und Dancehall und Soundsystems in in England unterhalten.

Vibing with Tippa Irie was a real cool laid back experience.  From the plaques that decorated his studio, I could already tell that he has done well for himself.  It is always interesting to get the “how it all started story” from an artist who is an over-achiever. As we all know, Tippa Irie’s career was centered around Saxon’s studio during the early stages of England’s dancehall movement. I have talked to a number of members of Saxon studio who became famous. The interesting thing is that they all recall their road to fame differently. There are many similarities in each story. But each member offers a unique perspective. One can only imagine how excited I was to get Tippa Irie’s version of the development of U.K.s early dancehall culture. The magnitude of Tippa’s contributions shocked me, as they extend way beyond the dancehall.  Sure, it started in the dancehall with Peter Metro, Tanto Metro, Pinchers and others sampling his styles…but find out just how he impacted the international scene!

Seht euch das ganze Interview auf an!

Finally a european sound made it to Irish and Chin’s rubric Soundchat.

Here is the first part of Chin’s Interview with Spider, the MC of Berlins Soundkiller Supersonic Sound.

Video been filmed shortly after the Global Clash Cup, so nuff questions should been answered.

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