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Ich selbst hatte noch nicht die Zeit, in das Album reinzuhören, aber wenn Dancehall-Superstar Poppy ein neues Album auf den Markt dropt, dann ist das definitiv einen Post auf dem Blog wert!

Where We Come From is the debut album from Jamaican superstar Popcaan. Executive produced by Dre Skull and featuring productions from Dre Skull, Dubbel Dutch, Jamie Roberts, Anju Blaxx and Adde Instrumentals, Popcaan’s first full length offering sees his signature melodies and uplifting tones on thirteen original tracks. As musicologist Wayne Marshall writes,

“Where We Come From” gives voice, as the best reggae does, to the contradictions of life in a society rife with inequities and yet so rich. Whether odes to the ghetto or the good life, Popcaan’s lyrics bring realist portraits and utopian visions into dynamic tension. Songs about struggle and sex and happiness occupy the same space because they do. And whatever the topic, Popcaan’s infectious positivity comes through.”

Read the full essay:

Chromatic Sound just released their second All Popcaan Mix called YIY Change and it’s kinda, uhm, raw? Strange? Different?

Anyway, Popcaan seems to be one of this artists that you love or hate. Nothing inbetween, just like Root Beer.

If you sure you want to check out this mix, you can download the single track or the tracked version, both via Mediafire.

(pic by Peter Dean Rickards)

Rob Kenner did a nice feature about Poppy in the latest issue of Complex Magazine.

Wha gwaan Popcaan?” The first words uttered on the 2010 smash hit “Clarks” introduced the world to Vybz Kartel’s top protégé. Those same three words can be read as both a question (“What’s going on?”) and the answer to that question (“Papi.”)

Although he played more of a supporting role on “Clarks”—a song whose international success was credited with causing a spike in sales of the British shoe—the rising reggae star Popcaan has been on a roll ever since the summer of 2011 thanks to hits like “Ravin,” “Party Shot,” and “Only Man She Want.”

Read the whole article over at Complex.

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