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Last Friday was bananas! This was one of the wickedest dances I’ve been to, no bullshit.

Everybody was in a partying mood, the sounds played very good, Ronny Trettmans Live-Set was straight fire and even Sultan schüttet nen Eimer Wasser drüber:

Here are a few pics:

Here are a few pics & videos of the Higher Level Sound set at Ruhr Reggae Summer.

All Pics & Videos courtesy of Dancelmeh.


Unbelievable, what a fucking hot night.

Thanks to all Massive and Crew that showed up to witness this incredible Live-Performance by Perfect aka Mr. Giddimani.

I’ve always heard about Perfects Stage-Quality, but never expected him to be such an amazing performer. You really could see how much fun he had while singing for you guys.

Big up Perfect and Lars Vegas anytime, Great Show!

Last Friday we kept our 7th Anniversary at our regular club Das Modul longside our breddas from the Mango Tree Sound out of Nürnberg, and this are a few shots from the night.


Last Friday we‚ve been juggling in Cologne at the mighty Pow Pow Movements 20th (!) Anniversary Bash alongside Pow Pow, Soundvibration and Robbo Ranx.

It was a real pleasure for us and an awesome Party!

Check some Pics of the night, all courtesy of Dancelmeh:

Wow, just came back from the Kingston Hot Dance with Sentinel and Higher Level in the Rockers 33 Club in Stuttgart.

What else can I say than it was absofuckinglutly crazy! Next Level shit. Sentinel definitly have a big thing going on there, and I advise you to better check a Kingston Hot party fast, cause you won’t regret it.

This are some of the pics I’ve taken last night:

Friday Night was crazy!

Thanks everybody for showing up and making this a night to remember. The Modul was totally packed with people and the heat was insane.

Here are some pics of the dance with Higher Level, Axxion Pack and Lady Louise.