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According to Massayas DJ Smart, on DHM, Team UK won the UK Cup Clash last night.

This are the results of the rounds:

Round 1

Bass Odyssey vs Sentinel 1:0

Rodigan vs Mighty Crown 1:0

One Love vs Black Kat 1:0
-> 3:0 Team UK

Round 2 (Vocals)

Black Kat vs Rodigan 0:1

Sentinel vs Bass Odyssey 0:1

Mighty Crown vs One Love 1:0

-> 5:1  Team UK

Round 3 (45s)

One Love vs Black Kat 0:1

Bass Odyssey vs Sentinel 1:0

Rodigan vs Mighty Crown 0:1

-> 6:3 Team UK

The Wildcards:

Jaro with Freddy for Team US vs Matterhorn for Team UK 0:1

-> 7:3  Team UK

Round 5

Black Kat vs One Love 1:0

Sentinel vs Rodigan 0:1

Mighty Crown vs Bass Oddysey 0:1

-> 9:4 TeamUK

Dub fi Dub also to Team UK.

Congratz to the Reggaegirls Promotion and their choosen Sounds.

It’s on tonight, after last weeks Death before Dishonor at Pier One, Montego Bay tonight the elite of clash sounds going as teams for the UK Cup Clash 2010 at Stratford Lex, London.

Its labelled as Team USA vs Team UK, Irish and Chin versus Reggaegirls.

Team USA includes the winner and the runner up of DbD 2010, Black Kat and Sentinel. Of course Mighty Crown is also playing for Chin.

Team UK fights back with the likes of Bass Odyssey, David Rodigan and One Love Hi-Powa.

Every team also have a wildcard to bring a surprise to stage, either a sound or a artist or whatever they feel like.

Let’s see what’s gonna happen.

in last nights clashes.

HERBALIZE-IT won against Young Hawk outta the Bronx in Wuppertal, Germany, and Irie Crew defeated One Love Hi-Powa in Bologna, Italy.


Don’t forget about these 2 clashes happening tomorrow night in Bologna & Wuppertal


Just found this on DHR, thanks to Leslie from

It took almost 71/2 hours to fly from Atlanta to London’s Gatwick Airport. But being able to attend World Cup 2009 was well worth it. arrived at the Brixton O2 Academy at approximately 11:15pm. There was no line outside and I started to wonder if there would be a low turn out. Inside just about 200 people were assembled. This crowd would grow to almost 3500 by the time the event ended. Early juggling was done by local London sounds, Eartquake, Stereo Mello, World Tower & I believe Super Cliff. Normally early juggling sounds do a good job of helping to create a early vibe in the dance so that the feature sounds would already have a crowd that’s already in the vibe. But it seems to me that these sounds were more interested in showing off their dub arsenal. Never have I heard so many “early juggling sounds” for a clash play whole rounds of nothing but dubs. While some of the dubs did well to get a few forwards such as World Towers’s Singing Melody, ’1st thing early Sunday morning’ and his Cocoa Tea “we kill dem now” Super Cliff’s Sanchez ’ Lots of sound in life” did well all the other dubs did nothing to increase the vibe. As most people just stood there watching.
The clash started at around 12:45 to 1am. The host for the night was shared between Dancehall DJ Lexxus and Romo. Each did well in spelling out the rules and keeping things in order. Lexxus was quite funny when he said, ‘ Barrier Free a hear say you wicked wid martial arts, but this war is not physical, only verbal” However, while spelling out the rules for the clash they made a very shocking announcement. There would be no homophobic comments to the crowd in other words no battyman forwards, sounds were ok in calling each other battyman but they could not ask the crowd if they hate battyman etc. later in the dance Ajax from Blunt Posse would make a excellent speech about this controversial rule. More on that later. The clash started with a NO ELIMINATION ROUND and then it went into round 1, 2 etc.
Shashamane was picked to go 1st., however, because of technical difficulties in hooking up their laptop they were bypassed and Barrier Free who was picked to go second went 1st instead. I must be honest I like most others thought that Barrier Free was just another Mighty Crown wannabe, but by all accounts BF had their own style and did well in holding their own.. Their 1st dub was a counteraction of sorts when they played a tune that said “ sound nuh ready” mocking Shashamane for not being ready to play. Thay got a big forward for this. They then played a Sanchez ‘Here I am” followed by a Cocoa Tea & Bounty Killa combination”Who shall BF fear & the Lord is my light and salvation”. This also received a big fwd.. Jah Cure’s “ Love is the only solution”, Buju’s “Murderer”, Johnny Osbournes, “No ice cream sound” and Bounty Killa’s “If a war dem want it fe start”, ended a solid round for BF getting 80 to 90% of fwd’s for most of their round.
Shashamane was able to get their system working so they were allowed to get back in the rotation. Sha. (I will just call them Sha from now on) started out with the Kenyan national anthem. They then went to Half Pint’s “Greetings I bring” and then Demarco’s “Duppy know who dem fe frighten” followed by Bounty’s “Inna de dance Sha have im Eagle” followed by Mavado’s “Nuh sound bwoy caan kill we” at this point however, the MC for Sha (his name by the way is African) got booed for reading his song list from a sheet of paper he had in his hand . Suffice to say he never came out with that sheet in the second round . They did ok in this round getting a few fwds etc.
One Love from Italy was next. They also started out with their national anthem. That was followed by the Godfather theme song. They played a solid round getting many fwds in their round. In fact after hearing all the sounds One Love definitely had the lead going into the second round. They played a few Berris Hammond’s, Buju Banton‘s “Sound fe dead“ and Mavado’s “This is what One Love do”.
Bassodyssey did not have Squingy so Worm took the MC role along with DJ Mark. This was one of Bassodyssey worst rounds I have ever heard. They hardly got any fwds for this round. They played a Dewayne Stevenson “A drum pon sound fe dead” a Berris, Bushman’s “fire pon a weak sound” Pinchers ’here I come, here I am” Mavado, “Bassodyssey me special, me special”, they ended the round with a Kartell. Throughout the round however, they got a few forwards, most of it was boring and unexciting.
Bodyguard’s debut back into the clash arena was very much anticipated. But they too failed to connect with the crowd and therefore had a very weak round. Johnny was not there so Junior Vibes and some selector that I had never seen on Bodyguard was doing the mixing. Junior Vibes played a few new tunes in this round but stuck mainly to the older Bodyguard favorites. They started with a Sizzla “Bodyguard a big murderer” they went to a Bounty Killa medley, starting with “Bodyguard come fe kill we nuh tek nuh argument” on the sick rhythm then, “ Gunz out and tun on” then “Bright and facety and out a order” Junior cats “ Killing pussy and we kill dem fe fun” was next followed by another Bounty Killa, “ Shooting like Alcopone” Junior Vibes made a big speech in that round stating that” Every sound come up yah a play national anthem after a nuh footbal match we deh, a bloodcloth war” this received a big forward. He finished the round with a London artist call Styro G who called out the other sounds name in the dub, but this tune got no forward. The Bounty Killa medley surprisingly enough did not get the type of forwards that bodyguard was anticipating in fact other than the 1st Killa all the rest got lukewarm responses.
Luv Injection was next. All I can say is that they need Corporal Bailey if they ever have a chance of winning a clash. They virtually got no forwards for their whole round and was even booed a few times.
Blunt Posse was next. They did well. It was funny when the host for the night announced BP by saying that they were flown in on Airforce One and sent by President Obama. BP also started out with the American National Anthem. They then played a Laddy “I believe that’s the artist name” that called out all the sound names in the clash. Ajax was the first to start some great speeches. He pointed out that” Dem say we caan bun nuh battyman a wah kinda corporation dat” he then played a Sister Nancy on the taxi rhythm. He then told Shashamane “ Sha pop dung and play second dem love play after man” They then played a Cocoa Tea, ’ I tell a soundboy not to test BP”, a Kartell and Szzla combination followed which got a big forward. He also played a Bounty Killa, Gabriel and a Buju each received good forwards. That was the end of the non elimination round.
The 1st round saw the elimination of two sounds. Luv Injection and Bassodyssey. I can’t think of a recent clash where Basodyssey was eliminated in the 1st round.
Barrier Free was 1st . The Mc for BF (never caught his name) accused BP of chatting too much “in fact you now name Blunt Pussy” then they played a Nitty Kutchie “you chat too much because you suck too much pussy” this recieived a big forward. Infact Barrier Free’s whole round was good. Godd dubs from Junior Gong, Shabba & Bounty Killa ended the round.
Shashamane was next they too had a solid round. Tunes from Eeka- mouse and Shabba’s “some sound boy what’s the matter with them” received big forwards. The biggest thing that Shahamane did in that round however, was to kill Bodyguard’s Lt. Stitchie “Bodyguard mad mad, mad” they received hardly any forward for the tune but it prevented Bodyguard from getting one either because they could not play back the tune.
One Love’s round was very solid many forwards during their round. Biggest of which was “Tra la la here comes the Outlaw” They played a Courtney Melody a Mafia me Mafia” which received a big forward Barrier Free would later counteract that tune with their own Courtney Melody.
Body Guard, Bassodysey and Luv Injection each had a weak round. Luv injection did however, play a Degree ‘ Lord wow we nuh want nuh Bodyguard, Junior Vibes a suck pussy hard” This did receive a big forward.
Blunt Posse did ok, not as good a round as their 1st but good enough to get to the second round. During this round they played a Mavado, Kartell and Spice combination and a Bounty Killa on the sick rhythm, “ Dem nuh friend Fish” which got booed.
2nd round Barrier Free who was dressed in jeans and t-shirt in the earlier round changed clothes and came out in a white karate uniform with black belt. The place erupted in laughter. He then immediately counteracted One Love’s Courtney Melody with his own ‘A ninja me ninja”. The clash was a no holds bar so sounds were free to play both 45’s and dubs in their round. Barrier Free played Tenor Saw’s ‘Bangarang” to a big forward. He the played a Johnny Clark ‘Barrier Free nuh fear no sound” and then a Sugar Minott, “Coming from the country” to another big forward
Shashamane was next he immediately critized Barrier Free for dressing up in white by saying, “ Inna Africa dem dress up inna white before dem bury de dead” They got their most forwards in this rounds. Dubs by Nicodemus, Capleton, Leroy Gibbons and a big dub by the legendary Johnny Ringo had the crowd screaming for more.
One Love came on and made one of the best speeches of the night. OL said, ’ A wha dis, dem a jiggy jiggy out the clash like dem deh a passa passa or duty Friday” the crowd broke out in laughter, horns blaring etc. They then played an Admiral Bailey, “When me check it out lawd” Ninja man “a gwine murder dem” received a huge forward. Another good speech was made when he said, “ A Italy we come from we nuh use karate a machine we use and kill people” then played Pinchers, “Bonderlero” the crowd erupted, big forward. The round ended with Brigadier Jerry, “A Italy we born and grow” another big forward. This round clearly went to One Love
Bodyguard was very dissapointing. They played “jah, jah see dem a come” which got booed. “Show me unouu hand” “ hills and valley” A Wayne Wonder & Buju combination but all this was to no prevail, Bodygurad was Eliminated in the second round.
BP was next. This was their worst round hardly any forwards. They played a Shabba Ranks, Tyrus Riley and a Sizzler but never received the big forwards. He did however do much better than Bodyguard.
The next round was the 45 round. I scored it even between Shashamane & One Love with Barrier Free 3rd. I gave the edge to One Love however, because of the speech he made b4 he started his 45 round. He said, ‘Engineer fix up the turntable right cause when it come to 45 we nuh play MP3 and laptop and dem fuckery deh” Biggest forward was for ’Oh Cherry oh Baby” played by Shashamane. Blunt Posse tried their best getting a big forward for their Peter Tosh, “Dem want I fe come a dem funeral” Ajax made another big speech for the night, he said, ‘ It was made clear that you can’t bun nuh battyman, One Love a unou tell de promoter fe nuh bun nuh battyman or else when we go back a Italy dem ago hate we” then he played “Fire pon Rome” by Anthony B this received a big forward. BP, however could not overcome in this round and he was quickly eliminated in the 3rd Round
The 4th round was a Six Shooter. Each sound had 6minutes each. Barrier Free’s Greggory Issacs, “ Who is going to Play BF tonight” got a small fwd but by this time he had failed to connect with the crowd and he was quickly eliminated in the 4th round
Barrier Free Eliminated in the 4th round.
Shashamane used this round to show just how deep his dub arsenal was, they drew dubs by Barry Brown, King Kong’s , “Trouble again” Scion Success’ “ You done dead already” A Yellowman and Johnny Osbourne. Not to be out done One Love played a few King Kong’s an Admiral Tibbet, “The war isn’t over”
The final round was tune fe tune. The best of 10. Never have I seen such a close contest in the tune fe tune segment. One love went up 2 nil on dubs by Bob Andy & Marci Griffits combo & Uroy which Shashamane critized as a dub by a Dj and therefore should not have been played. However Shashamane would win the next three to go up 3 to 2 with dubs by Marcia Griffits “ Killing a sound is a easy thing to do”, Inner Circle, ’ A long long time we nuh have no nice time” and Eeeka Mouse. One Love’s Wailing Souls was booed extensively.. The next tunes was declared a draw. A Don carlos by Sha & a Alton Ellis by One Love. One Love won the next round to tie it 3/3. Shashamane would go ahead with a Mighty Diamonds, “Mercy on a soundboy’ One Love’s Berris Hammond failed miserably. One Love would come back in the next round to tie it up 4/4 with a Johnny Clark. Shashamane went a head 5/4 with a dub form Linval Thompson which killed the Micheal Rose dub by One Love. For the last and final tune the winner of which would win the clash. Shashamane drew “big ship sailing” by Freddy Mcgrerror which received a big forward. One Love’s Johnny Osbourne & Sammy Dread combination was no match and Shashamane was declared the winner.

Ps I tried to be as accurate as I could if I happen to get a tune out of order it was not intentional.