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One may say this one is way to mainstream, but I don’t care.

Personally, this is my song for 2011, hands down. None other been that addictive.

Call it Euro-Dance, Pophall, Dancecharts and whateva…I just fucking love it, and so the girls do, trust me.

Jamaican Reggae-Star and father of Morgan Heritage and LMS, Denroy Morgan has been busted by the New York City Police with x-amount of pounds of Marijuana.

Jamaican-born reggae star Denroy Morgan was busted on drug charges after cops saw him leaving a Bronx house carrying 25 pounds of ganja, police said Thursday.

Morgan’s capture led to the seizure of a 310-pound stash of marijuana and the arrest of another man caught toting 16 pounds of pot, cops said.

Read all via NY Daily News.

Nice cameo by and a vocal-sample from Morgan Heritage.

Just woke up this morning and must say: Me tired of the effin rain!

But, and thats the good part about it, you can chill at home without a guilty conscience and listen some good music when it’s raining like this.

And when me talk about good music, me talk about a next Higher Level Mix of course!

But through the lack of a newer Higher Level Mix Cd, i’ve just uploaded my „Easy like Sunday Morning“ Mix from early 2007 again.

It’s kinda old a little, but nevertheless a very good mix of nice and easy cultural tunes for you to woke up to, to breakfast to or to just chill on your couch and vibe with.

So, Ladies and Gents, here’s the



Full Attention Riddim
01 Ed Robinson – It’s our time
02 Glen Washington – Strangers in the night
03 Roger Robin – Love can take you higher
04 Maxi Priest & Richie Stephens – My girl dis
Continuation Riddim
05 Maxi Priest – Never met a woman
06 Warrior King – It’s been a long time
07 Beres Hammond – Give it all you’ve got
08 Delly Ranx – Hard to find
Legal Riddim
09 Sean Paul – Mama I love you
10 Camar – Ment to be
11 Morgan Heritage – Why
12 Gentleman – Serenity
Dark Clouds Riddim
13 Dynamq – Nobody
14 Sojah – Leave the herbs alone
15 C’Daynger – Dark Clouds

16 Collie Buddz – Blind to you Haters

Ital Riddim
17 Lightening – Rise to the masses
18 Daniel Bless – Goodness
19 Fire Holder – Keep the Faith
20 Prophet Benjamin – Pension Plan
Cruising Altitude Riddim
21 Pressure – Jah alone
22 Turbulence – Mama appreciated
Majestic Riddim
23 Dynamq – Inner City War
24 Lukie D – Voice of the people
25 Joey Fever – Youth dem rise
26 Norrisman – Nah love we culture
27 Jah Mason – Now is the time
Natural Breeze Riddim
28 Leftside & Esco – God is Love
29 Jubilant – Mr. Worthless
30 Chino – All Night
31 Cezar – One for me
32 Delly Ranx – Girlfriend
33 Calico feat. Kamila – True Love
34 Munga – Rise

35 Alaine – Sacrifice

Please have fun with it and let me know what you think.