Mit ‘Maikal X’ getaggte Beiträge

Just 2 days to go until the biggest thing since somebodys mommas ass!

Happy Father’s Day, or Christi Himmelfahrt, to all you guys out there. Today you better relax, chill out in the sun, barbeque and stuff, but don’t party too much cause you need your energy for Saturday, cause it’s


After the great Jamaican Lounge last weekend, which was full of incredible vibes,  we’re gonna kick off the summer season with a real bang!

In two weeks, on the 4th of June to be excactly, we’re promoting the second edition of the Jamaican Lounge Festival Night at the Römerkastell in Saarbrücken in cooperation with the Modul Club and C’est dur de Culture.

This year we have the everlasting Sound, the german luger, the well known and even more respected, the big bad and bold Sentinel Sound from Stuttgart on the Line Up.

Beside Sentinel, and of course, Higher Level Sound, there will be one of the baddest european Reggae- and Dancehall Artists at the moment, internationaly successfull dutch singer Maikal X (check out the wicked videos for his songs Bear with Me, Here she comes and The Best in Me) who will bless the place with a special live appearance!

Make sure to tell a friend to tell a friend, this will be the hottest thing for the summer, hands down!

Jamrock XXL, maybe the biggest regular dancehall party in mainland europe,  promoting their upcoming Party in February with this really funny video.

Jamrock’s Dancehall Hero is working day and night to keep the streets of Amsterdam safe from all who don’t live by the rules set by the leaders of the Dancehall School!


This is a short documentary about the presentation of Maikal X’s Debut-Album „Genesis“ at Club Paradiso in Amsterdam a while ago.

Jamrock Sound, out of Amsterdam, bringing you this Mix CD of UKs rising dancehall star, Gappy Ranks, who made a pretty big impact on the worldwide reggae scene last year with his hits Heaven in her eyes, Stinkin Rich & Put the Stereo on.

(Download by clicking the front cover)

Brandnew Video to Maikal Xs amazing „The best in you“.

Shot on the dutch antilles island St. Maarten

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