Mit ‘Kingston Story’ getaggte Beiträge

Entschuldigt die lange Auszeit, aber wir waren extrem busy die letzten paar Wochen.

Dre Skull, der Produzent von Kartels Überalbum „Kingston Story“, und Riddims wie Kling Klang und Loudspeaker war vor kurzem bei der Red Bull Music Academy zu Gast, und sprach fast 1 1/2 Std über seine Arbeit als Produzent.

Das gesamte Lecture könnt ihr nun auf Vimeo anschauen!

Das Spin Magazin hat letzte Woche einen kurzen Artikel über den Produzenten und Chef von Mixpak Recordings gebracht.

Andrew Hershey is the riddim-slinging head of Mixpak Records who, under his Dre Skull alias, has also become one of dancehall’s most sought-after producers, responsible for the cinematic textures of Vybz Kartel’s landmark LP Kingston Story. Hershey’s arts-filled CV — he once built a quadraphonic soundsystem installation at Manhattan’s Deitch Projects gallery and sold merch for Lightning Bolt — speaks to his versatility. „Every person in the world has their own unique experiences that shape what they’re best at,“ says Hershey. „Since I started working with artists like Sizzla, I’ve gotten a lot deeper with my engagement with dancehall. It might have been very different.“ Most recently, Hershey’s engagement has led him to co-produce Snoop Lion’s upcoming Reincarnated album, alongside Major Lazer’s Diplo and esteemed Los Angeles producer Ariel Rechtshaid (Usher, Glasser, Plain White T’s).

Den ganzen Artikel könn ihr hier lesen.


Der New Yorker Produzent Dre Skull, der vor allem durch die Produktion von Vybz Kartels Album „Kingston Story“ in der Dancehall Szene bekannt wurde und seitdem auch mit weiteren Dancehall Artists wie Mavado, Popcaan und auch Snoop Lion zusammenarbeitet, wurde im „the guardian“ gefeatured.
Hier gehts zum Artikel: „Dre Skull is the new sound of dancehall

Auch wir haben auf unserem BLog schon zahlreiche Interviews, Videos und Produktionen von und mit Dre Skull gefeatured. Bei Interesse einfach auf „diesen Link“ klicken!

Due to the release of the Deluxe Edition of Vybz Kartel & Dre Skull’s Kingston Story album, one of my favorite Dancehall albums of all times, and even tough the Worl‘ Boss is still in jail, one of the album cuts gets the video treatment.

Dre Skull, Mastermind behind my favorite Dancehall-Album since, uhmm, forever, gets interviewed by MTV Iggy’s Jesse Serwer.

Kartel being such a master of self-promotion, what did you learn from him making this album?

Just watching him as a songwriter was pretty interesting. I don’t know that it’s a type of learning that I can apply to other things because I can’t make someone else be a songwriter like Vybz Kartel. I think he really approaches his career and his press in a very holistic way. It’s not like he does four to six songs and he goes home for the day. He’s a performance artist and his songwriting is part of his artistry. His interviews, his Twitter account, his YouTube postings are part of his artistry. To watch someone working in that way from up close is pretty interesting—watching someone who’s a total artist and intentional in what he does.

Read the whole Interview over at MTV Iggy.

Vybz Kartel’s feature  in The Fader.

„Bleaching, in Jamaica, can mean one of two things. 1. Applying prescription-only steroid cream for extremely off-label use, leaching the pigment out of your skin cells to create a whiter complexion, or 2. Staying awake until daylight. In the 48 hours I spend chasing Vybz Kartel—who for the last few years has reigned as the undisputed emperor of dancehall—around Kingston, it’s clear he’s doing a lot of both. Indeed, his vampire-like schedule is a deterrent to getting close to Vybz Kartel. About the time I step off a 10AM flight at Norman Manley Airport, he is on the phone to say that yes, he is in fact still up from his Thursday Street Vybz party the night before but is ready to link up anyway. And that’s the last I’ll hear from him while the sun is still up.“

Read the whole thing via The Fader.