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Well, it been a while since I post the last Young, gifted and baaad Interview, but guess I’ve been catched in the Holiday Season routine a little bit. Anyway, here’s the brandnew interview with a very successful soundsystem (and even more successful reggae, funk, cumbia, worldmusic, whatever-band) from the beautiful capital of Hungary.

Dr. Dermont of the mighty

Irie Maffia

from Budapest answerd my questions.

#Please introduce your Sound and all the members to the readers.

My sound is Irie Maffia, which is not a classic soundsystem, this one is more a musical production crew with a soundsystem profile as well. Irie Maffia main thing is live music, we have a 11 member live band and we play around Hungary and Europe a lot. We work as a soundsystem as well, because originaly we start the whole music bussiness as djs/producers and mcs.

There are two selectors in the sound, Gáspár Horvath aka Jumo Daddy and me.

We founded the sound and the band. We compose the original productions, Gaspár also plays the keyboards in the band and I play the trombone in the live sessions.

We work with 4 vocalists. Columbo, Sena, Busa and Kemon.

When we play live, all of them are on stage, in  sound performances Columbo and Kemon are the deejays. Sena is a half Ghanian half Hungarian singer. She is the soul of our own productions, she also work with international productions like
hiphop producer DJ Vadim or the French sound Irie Ites. You can find
her tunes on the latest Irie Ites 7″ series.

Columbo is a hungarian deejay who use patois, Kemon is from the Caribbean island Grenada, so they are the voices of sound. Busa is the only one who is toastin in hungarian, he also performs on the live gigs.

#When was the founding of your Sound and since when do you djing?

Irie Maffia was founded in 2004 as my own project. Before Irie Maffia, we (Kemon, Jumo Daddy and me Dermot) worked in the Love Alliance Sound, which was the very first soundsystem in Hungary. We played in this sound since 2002.

The Love alliance was founded by Bosi in 2001, he was the first selector who played dancehall in Hungary. Befor that, there were just a few djs who played reggae tunes but not in a soundsystem style. I start djing in 2000 and soon realized I want to
play dancehall, so in 2001 I met Bosi and soon join his sound.

# Can you describe which style your sound plays mostly?

Our own production is mixed. Not just reggae but hiphop, funk, cumbia ect.

The sound two main profile is rubadub/oldschool dancehall, and in the last year we hooked up on the new tune thing. So if someone come to our regular dance (we play every thuesday in Budapest in a club called Corvintető) he will hear 80’s dancehall, and rubadub in the begining and the freshest tunes after midnight.

#Please tell me about the most important cornermarks in the sounds history,
like clashes, the baddest dances, etc.

We don’t clash (yet). In Hungary there is no soundsystem culture, so no one,
execept really a few people, know what is a clash or a juggling. Most of the people come to the dance or just to hear reggae hits. Since today, there was no clash in hungary yet.

Irie Maffia has important cornermarks like our singers featured on Germaica’s Rodeo Riddim in 2005.

We played hundreds of shows both live as a band or soundsystem, sometimes for 5000-10000 people, we sold our first album also in Japan. Now in 2010 Irie Maffia is one of the most popular Hungarian music group.

#Which plans do you have for your sound in the near future and what are the
real longtime plans for it?

We will release our second album worldwide in spring 2010 with a German distribution. Also we will come out with our first riddim series this spring. We already voiced 3 versions pon the riddim with jamaican/canadian singers like Perfect and Blessed, and we are planing to voice two more.  I’m planing to keep this riddim production next to our own stuff, so I’ll go to JA to built more connections.

#Which persons, sounds, artists have influenced you musicallywise?

Lots of dem, producers like Lee Perry, Coxone Dodd, Henry Junjo Lawes, King Jammy, Donovan Germain, Bobby Digital, Bobby Konders, and sounds like Jaro, Mighty Crown, Rodigan. Artists like Burro Banton, King Yellowman, Buju, Busy Signal, Konshens and many more

#What was the first dubplate you ever voiced, and do you still play it?

Our first dub was a Dr Ring Ding special on the Ali Baba Riddim . And no, I don’t play it no more, because it was a Love Alliance dub.

The dubplate bussiness in Hungary is the same as the clash, nobody cares, so we don’t really collect dubs. We focus on productions and voice original tracks with artists.

#Any last words?

If anyone who reads this come to Hungary, you  should check one of our shows, because you won’t regret it.

Thanks Dermont for the answerd and good luck with your sound and the release of your album in spring. Blessed.

And you people can download the latest Irie Maffia Mix CD by clicking the banner: