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Hakuna Sound are so kind to share maybe the last recording of a Captain Barkey Live Show with us.

May his Soul rest in peace.

This is a live recording of a dance we did we with Captain Barkey and Wickerman in Leipzig while they were staying in Germany with us after their performance at Reggae Jam.

We originally didn’t upload this one before for some little problems with the recording in the middle but as this is probably the last recording of Captain Barkey (the thick man) & Wickerman (the slim man) we want to share this with the community.
Barkey wanted so after he listened to it.

This is to remember the entertainers together doing their thing from 1990. Full of lyrics.

Barkey was a good man who we made as a friend. May he R.I.P.
Respect and love to Wicker and everybody who wants to keep Barkey in memory.


Audios are available trough Massayas Soundcloud Account.

Thanks for promoting and providing the recordings so fast.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Dub fi Dub

in Hamburg, Germany, last night against Hakuna Matataa from Meissen.

More Informations, and hopefully the audios, will follow as soon as I get them.

This Saturday another clash is coming up, in Hamburg, Germany. Promoted by Massaya Sound.

It’s called Destination Kingston Clash, and the opponents are Jackpot Sound from Mainz, Hakuna Matataa from Meissen and Music Master from London.

A next clash has just being announced by the promoter on the german dancehallboard.

The whole thing will not happen until the 24th of october, but nevertheless i’ll let you know about it.

Jackpot Sound (Mainz, Germany)


Hakuna Matataa Sound (Meissen, Germany)


Music Master (London, UK)

@Waagenbau, Hamburg.

Don’t know about the rules yet, but i’ll keep you updated.