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Mango Madness Vol. 2

Veröffentlicht: 16 September, 2009 in 2. Downloads
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On time for the 9th Anniversary of Frankonias No.1 Sound Mango Tree, our friends  released the second part of  their Mango Madness Mix series.

Get it by clicking the front cover!



Fedaration Sound, along with Business Class & Equiknoxx just dropped the Aidonia „Bolt Action“ Mix CD.

Download it by clicking the Cover:


by „Smorian Silber I-Shence“ aka German Dancehall Artist Smo outta the Heckert Empire.

Definitly Suspect for Germany’s Tune of the Summer 2009.

(Click the image to Download.)


Soca-Infected Hommage to Heinz Rudolf Kunze’s ’85-Hit called „Dein ist mein ganzes Herz“

As you remember a while ago I featured Abuya Sound from Israel in the Young, gifted and Baaad Section of this blog.

Well, now here’s a new recording from a juggling session they’ve had 3 weeks ago in Tel Aviv.

Two hours of high-energetic Dancehall-Jugglin‘ from the middle-east, so make sure to grab a piece of this!


Wow, unbelievable how fast the Promoter (U-Club) puts up the Audio for this Clash this time.

Big up Mattia & Crew!

(Click the image to get it)

Kalibandulu from Italy just released the third edition of their mix-cd-series „Jugglin‘ from Mars“, a 88 tracks strong mix full of Remixes and Dubplates for the dancehall-fanatics that you are.

Make sure to cut yourself a slice of the pie by clicking on the image:

Seems like we have the italian week over here.

This clash took place in roma last year between Yaga Yaga Sound from Roma and Northern Lights from Udine

(Download by clicking on the image)