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Sultan, on behalf of the Promoter Herbalize-It Sound, just upped the flyer, done by Hekmek, for upcoming War ina East 2011.


Wicked Flyer

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Just have to share this wicked, wicked piece of Flyerdesign with you. Just like Wow!

It’s our friends, Million Vibes from Malmö/Lund, monthly regular date.

Trough I told you several times about my addiction to old dancehall flyers, you should know how exited I am about this post at First Magazine about the filmmaker slash Dancehall-Poster collector Maxine Walter.

She’s been collecting those wicked pieces of art since 2001 and currently showing some examples at the Real Artways Gallery in Hartford, Connecticut.

via First Magazine

Just found some more of my beloved retro flyers that I want to share with you.


If you have some wicked flyers on your harddrive, please don’t hesitate to link me!

Today is the 27th Birthday of your mothers favorite Graphic Designer Hekmek, so I want to take this opportunity to say Big up Hekster and all the best for the years to follow!

And btw, if you want to party with Hek, you better move yourself to Dortmund tomorrow to attend his birthday bash!

Also check out the wicked jingle from Smo for Hekmeks Birthday Bash

Just have to post this because of my love for nice retro designed Flyers .



Hurricane Sound from Bayreuth, Germany gonna Clash in Australia on December, the 5th this year, against Firehouse Sound from Sydney.

The Rules are like

No customs.
Dubs straight.

15 min
10 min
10 min
5 tunes dfd

And this is the incredible Flyer, just like me love it: