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[History] Soundsystems in Kolumbien

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Viele sagen ja, das es bei der Geschichte von Soundsystems um Dubplates oder die Artists geht, die darauf spielen, bzw. gespielt werden.
Wenn ihr euch die folgenden Bilder anschaut, werdet ihr sehen dass das so nicht stimmt.
Dieses Bildband ist eine Ansammlung von Soundsystems aus Kolumbien.

Just take a look!

Hier möchte ich eines der wohl bekanntesten und legendärsten Videos mit Euch teilen. Zu sehen ist der legendäre Stereo Mars Sound in Skateland. Das Video stammt von 1985 und ist ein Stück Soundsystem Geschichte.
Stereo Mars hatte Artits wie Supercat, Nicodemus, Tenor Saw, Burro Banton und viele mehr am Start!

[Documentary] Rastafari Voices

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A documentary On The Reasoning & Livity Of Rastafari 1979

Wow, just found this video of  Jubaltarock online.

He was the tourguide for me and my friends when we visited Jamaica back in 2003.

Really nice and decent guy, he took good care of us while we’re climbing the blue mountain peak, cycling trough the bush, chilling and dubplate recording in Kingston and visiting a Killimanjaro Dance somewhere in the Mountains.

He lives in Belgium since a few years with his babymother and his daughter.

Big up Jubaltarock aka Culture anytime!

Hopefully most of you guys already know about Ma’ting, a switzerland-based clothing brand inspired by Jamaican Dancehall Culture, making huge waves on the interwebs since a few months. did a Interview with the designer and ceo of the brand, Alex Evequoz.

Tell us how Ma-ting got started?
I started by myself. I love JA and doing graphic design so I decided on trying to mix both passions for fun. I started out by drawing  one reggae artist in cartoon and then decided I will “mek dem all”… Then Don Corleon, which I drew, saw his cartoon and asked me if he could use it as logo. I purposed to him to mek a signature t shirt made by us, and he said yes… So then we decide, with my friend, to mek a whole t shirt line…

Check out the whole Interview at

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Holding on to Jah

„Holding on to Jah“ is a unique film about the history and culture of roots Reggae music and the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica, as told by world renowned Reggae musicians and historians.“

via Dutch Reggae