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Head Concussion just dropped this brandnew Chan Dizzy Mix CD, mixed by Willy Chin, of Black Chiney Fame.

Chan Dizzy is a beast, fucking love this mix.

Download via Mediafire or Sendspace.

I-Octane and Chan Dizzy collaborate on this Russian produced Tune.

[Video] Chan Dizzy – Our Place

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To celebrate their 10.000s likes on Facebook, Munichs Bass-Specialists Schlachthofbronx giving away some Dancehall- and Hip Hop-Edits for free!

.zip folder

via Mixpak Records

Head Concussion Records and Miami-based Eccentrix Sound present this One Artist Mix CD in collaboration to advertise upcoming deejay with a rap flow Chan Dizzy.

Nice one. Eyy!

(Get it by clicking the cover)