About Higher Level Sound

Higher Level Sound consists of six members which are coming from Saarbrücken and Bad Kreuznach.
The Sound set it’s goals in presenting Reggae, Dancehall and all kinds of caribbean music in a genuine way.
Dancehall, Reggae, Rocksteady, Ska, Dubplates; You name it, we have it!
The sound starts in 2003 with the original members Daniel, Mr. Six and Spanni.
After 2 years, in 2005, Spanni left the sound in peace and start focussing in building exclusive remixes for the Sound by his new name „Remix Blends“.
The same year Kai Kong and Isa from the longtime Saarland Veteran Sound „Terrible Charge“ became also members of the sound.
At the end of 2006 Schiffer and Belly Ranx from the sound „Assegai Hifi“ from Bad Kreuznach decided to join forces with the other guys too build up a way more powerful sound and represent the very southwest of germany in a unity.
After that we focused our minds in increasing our dubbox and set up a monthly dance in Saarbrücken which is called „Jamaican Lounge“ at a club named 6Null3

The born of Higher Level as it known now:
„…the sound waaay above your level…“

Higher Level can possess a longlasting experience and nuff nuff Bookings all over germany and the near foreign.

So from you want your dance get ram, make sure Higher Level’s on the program.

For bookings and infos: higherlevelsound [at] gmx [dot] de

  1. Mum-Ra sagt:

    Yow..i am part of a sound called Taurus movement that was established one year ago. We recently clashed Tek 9 Movement on April 2nd in Trinidad. Attached to this mesage is the link for the said clash. We were also interested in you all posting a link on your website for people who visit the website to download the clash. Please let me know if this is possible
    Thanks in advance
    Taurus Movement

  2. coohdeh sagt:

    Erstmal wollt ich euch ein riesen Big Up für euren Blog geben. Ich besuch den fast täglich und finde das nice was ihr postet.
    Ich hab seit gestern auch einen eigenen Blog, um Leuten eine Plattform zu bieten Musik zu hören und Infos zu erhalten. Ich habe euch schon bei mir Verlinkt und wollte fragen ob ihr mich auch verlinken könntet. Das wäre super nett.

    Danke und viele Grüße aus Dresden.


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