[Download] Randy Valentine – Bring back the Love

Veröffentlicht: 6 Oktober, 2012 in 2. Downloads
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Hemp Higher Productions & J.O.A.T are proud to present the exclusive 13 track debut mixtape of Randy Valentine mixed by Switzerland’s finest: Straight sound.

The Mix is composed of 13 previously unreleased songs from Randy on Classic Reggae Instrumentals such as “Stalag Riddim”, “Lecturer Riddim”, “Bobby Babylon Riddim” and other Studio One classics…

This gives a real “authentic” reggae feel to the project and allows Randy to showcase his versatality as he easily passes from beautiful singing melodies to an energetic “deejay” style.

As the title indicates, the mix is filled with Love songs “Poor man’s loving”, “Till the morning comes” and the cover of Bob Andy’s “Too experienced” are perfect examples as Randy soulfully sings to the ladies – garanteeing to please his female fans.

Other songs such as “Badman lies”, “Police and Badboy” or “light it up” will please the hardcore reggae audience as RV sings about “street” issues that most youths will easily be able to relate to , it’s on some of these songs that one will also be able to appreciate his “deejay” talents.

The Focus of the mix however is put on “bringing back the love” of reggae music – the title track “Bring back the love” is one of several songs which treats of how we need to bring back the “soul” of reggae music, an issue which gains all of it’s importance nowadays as some artists have taken Reggae and Dancehall away from its positive beginnings by even branding their style of music “Gothic”.

“Foundation” and “Memory Lane” are 2 other songs praising reggae “classics” and how important it is for each and every one to know about the musical roots of the music and where the culture comes from.

All these tracks are skillfully mixed together by MixCD specialists Straight sound delivering over 40 minutes of pure and soulfull reggae music.

Download via Straight Sound.


01. Intro
02. Bring Back The Love
03. Foundation
04. Get Ready
05. Police And Bad Boy
06. Light It up
07. Brixton Market
08. Gallis Anthem
09. Badman Lies
10. Poor Man’s Loving
11. Someone Else’s Girl feat. Dionne Reid
12. Till The Morning Comes
13. Too Experienced
14. Memory Lane

  1. this a tune ah member mi fi a gial mi hock back inna di days seeen!

  2. […] This Youth is way to underrated. Listen to his Tune Bring back the Love, while you download the same called Mixtape for free! […]

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