Silly Walks Discotheque & Til Maier volunteers to shoot Stand Against Rape video

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The rape of five females in Irwin Point, St James, last week has not only shocked Jamaicans. A group of Germans in the island to film a reggae documentary and music video were so horrified by the incident they have committed their resources to a music project condemining the crime.

Silly Walks Discotheque out of Hamburg, Germany, will also film the visual for the Penthouse Records-produced Stand Against Rape song free of cost. The crew of Joscha Hoffmann, Oliver Schrader and videoman Til Maier arrived in Kingston last Tuesday, one day before the song was recorded.

The song features Marcia Griffiths, D-Major, Exco Levi, Ikaya, Shuga, Tessanne Chin, Queen Ifrica, Torch, Sherita Lewis and an insert from Buju Banton coming out against sexual assault.

According to Hoffmann, „the talk was all over the place“ so he knew about the incident before the recording session for Stand Against Rape took place.

Sitting in on the recording session, Hoffmann said he liked the vibe and and felt compelled to do the video.

This is not Silly Walks‘ first visit to Jamaica. Since their first trip 10 years ago, Hoffman says they try and make every trek count.

In addition to the Stand Against Rape music video, they will shoot a video with Torch who is featured on the song. His video is for Reggae Music, done on the Storms of Life rhythm produced by Silly Walks.

Read more via Jamaica Observer.

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