[Listen] Jahson Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Brostep Vampires & Womp Zombies

Veröffentlicht: 24 April, 2012 in 4. Miscellaneous
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DJ Jahson, of Philly’s own Solomonic Sound, brings you this awesome Dubmix as a stream on Mixcloud. According to Solomonics Blog, once the mixclouds page hits 500 streams they will free up the mix as a download. So listen it steady!

Paying respects to the original dub pioneers and foundations of reggae music, Jahson has built a mix of modern day dub reggae, digital dub, uk steppers, and dubstep. With the Bass Culture party in Vermont, he introduced this blend of sounds to the massive for over 2 years… However during that time, the genre known as DubStep also morphed into a commercial soulless bastard stepchild commonly known as BroStep. Fed up, he decided to do something about it and laid out the plans for a musical assasination.

When the mix was done, the idea came up to do a twist on the cover art from the rare classic dub album ‚Scientist Rids the World of the Curse of the Evil Vampires‘.


1. Dave Webber – Time Vandal

2. Dub Terminator Feat. Ras Stone – Bad Mind (J Star Mix)

3. Dubkasam – Strictly Ital

4. Dubkasam – Ital Dub

5. Gorgon Sound – Find Jah Way (Dubkasam Mix)

6. Vibration Lab – Tribulation (Adam Prescott Mix)

7. No More Babylon Feat. Kenny Knots – Bring Jah Love

8. Johnny Osbourne, VIVEK – Fally Ranking (VIVEK’s Southall Dub Mix)

9. Radikal Guru – Dread Commandments (Killawatt Remix)

10. Joe Ariwa & The Trixsters – Dubbing in the Dark

11. Michael Prophet, Joe Ariwa & the Trixsters – Jah Is My Light

12. Lukeino, J Starr, Kush Arora, & Dubsworth – Dub Arrest

13. Dubology – Babylon Dub

14. Adam Prescott – Revival

15. Die & Break Feat. MC Fats – Peace & Dub

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