Bunny Lee Interview

Veröffentlicht: 2 April, 2012 in 4. Miscellaneous
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Just found this exclusive Interview with the legendary Bunny Lee, done by The Large, one half of the DJ Duo Jim Bones & The Large and editor of the incredible Shimmy Shimmy Blog.

Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee is one of the most influential and pivotal producers in the history of Jamaica, and the history of popular music. With a career spanning over 40 years, his contribution is undeniable: breaking some of reggae’s biggest names, having a literal and metaphorical hand in the creation of dub, and pioneering the deejay sound that would later form the backbone of rap music. I was asked to interview Striker a while back now by Westbury, his publisher, and after about 3 days of waiting round and re-arranging times due to Bunny’s hospital visits, we finally met up in a bar in Brixton. It turned out to be a pretty unbelievable afternoon – we were interrupted by Niney the Observer, only then to be gatecrashed by Tappa Zukie, and it all ended up with me singing ‘Natty Dread A Weh She Went’ in his face (he asked for it, literally). Dressed in a full red suit and his signature fisherman’s hat, the 70-year-old producer has some serious stories to tell. I have tried to touch the tip of the reggae iceberg…

Read the Interview over at Shimmy Shimmy.

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