[Download] Luv Injection Channel 4 TV Documentary

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This Download Links came via the Dancehallreggae Forum and the Users Saffron and Guvna1974. Find the Links below.

This film was first screened on TV in the UK in 1995 and shows:

– Winston Mexican in his Jeweller’s shop – ‘The Goldery’ ,

– Winston Mexican’s trip to Jamaica to voice dubplate specials – with Wickerman and a host of other djs in the studio,

– The Luv Injection crew in Birmingham discussing the forthcoming clash and moving their equipment from their lock up in a quiet residential street

– Interview with Ricky Trooper from Killamanjaro – discussing the forthcoming clash with Luv Injection and films Trooper in his own personal studio in Kingston, Jamaica – voicing various artists on special

– Interview with Harper – manager of Killamanjaro at his home in Kingston,

– Footage of the Injection crew voicing a special with the Jamaican singer – Robert Lee – in a Birmingham studio

– Actual footage of the clash with Killanjaro in London

– Interviews with Luv Injection and Killamanjaro at the end of the clash

This was a ground-breaking documentary when it was first shown in the UK back in 1995 – and opened up Reggae sound system business to millions of viewers in the UK and beyond….

******A big respect goes out once again to Guvna1974 for using his technical skills in converting the DVD so that it could be uploaded online – RESPECT IS CONCRETE GUVNA1974 !!******

Part 1

Part 2

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