DJ Meska und Shotta Paul are no longer part of Sentinel Sound!

Veröffentlicht: 13 Februar, 2012 in 4. Miscellaneous
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Wow, just came home from work and stumbled across this breaking, sad news via the Kingston Hot Radio Blog.

DJ Meska und Shotta Paul are no longer part of Sentinel Sound!

 While still asleep sunday morning after a show in Berlin, news reached us unexpectedly that we would no longer be part of Sentinel Sound. We are sorry to tell you, but it was not our decision and we ourselves don’t know the actual reason. Nevertheless, our Email Adresses had already been deleted and incredibly, our own Kingston Hot Radio accounts on Facebook, Googlemail and Youtube had even been hacked by Elmar and new passwords had been installed by him. We ourselves are surprised by the events and are cutting all ties with Elmar and Nadia with immediate effect. We will continue in our usual team of two with our weekly radio programme and can be booked from now on as DJ Meska and Shotta Paul via: More News soon. Music shall live on.
Sentinel Sound also released a press statement.
  1. dfs sagt:

    oops whappen there?!

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