The HELP Jamaica Charity Calendar 2012

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Here’s the perfect christmas gift for each and everyone of you. Wether you need something special for your lady/man, a little something for your parents, a give away for your boss at the office or a gift just for yourself.

And the best thing about it, you also do something good if you buy a calendar!

Check out the preview of the calendar by rightclicking, save as here.

Read all about it:

Put Jamaica in sight! Be reminded on the beautiful island of Jamaica everyday by 13 exceptional photos displaying the many facets of Jamaica.High quality calendar, 14 pages (size: DIN A3) offset-printed, carefully single welded to ensure secure shipment!

Guaranteed, 100% of all revenues from selling this calendar will be used to finance the running costs and expenses, salaries, material and utility bills at our Education Center in Cassava Piece, Kingston 8.

Make sure to order your copies from early! The limited edition gained fans from all over the world and turned into a collectors-item already… In 2010 we produced 250 calendars; the 2011 edition was printed 500 times and was sold out after 3 weeks (again); for 2012 we printed 1000 copies…. a positive trend that we truly appreciate.

The 2012 HELP Jamaica! Charity Calendar Project

The making of this (our third) charity calendar was again a very positive experience – everybody we asked to be involved in producing the calendar immediately and generously agreed to support the worthy cause. All photographers who provided their photos, as well as the graphic designer worked for free and offered their photo-material and time for free.

Get the calendar via the HELP Jamaica Homepage.

  1. Dyana G sagt:

    Very nice! Good luck and if you would like to add this to the Do Jamaica Your Way Facebook group let me know!

  2. Do Jamaica Your Way sagt:

    Also let me know if you would like to do a link exchange with us.

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