Interview with Pekka Vuorinen

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A while ago I’ve posted about the book „Volcano Revisited“ from finish reggae enthusiats Tero Kaski & Pekka Vuorinen.

Now Roger Reggae from the berlin-based Reggae-Blog „House of Reggae“ did an interview with Pekka.

How did you get into reggae and dancehall in a country that must be the complete opposite of Jamaica?

Cool runnings! We were at Cröna Lund in Stockholm when Bob Marley and the Wailers had their concert there. Capacity of the place is about 20.000 and there was over 40.000 enthusiastic Bob Marley fans! Tero had already one of the best reggae record shops in the World – but the business was slow. Coming back home from the concert we decided to educate the Finnish massive and to start a magazine.

We were cool guys from the North, so „Cool Runnings“ was the best choice for a name. Tero was a copy machine expert and knew the best ways to print a good quality fanzine. We had all Finnish reggae lovers writing to the magazine. They – Juha Vaahtera and Tapsa Piirainen for instance – were soon the best Studio One experts of the time. We had around 300 subcribers. Don’t know if they got any wiser but at least we did, the editors and the contributors.

Enjoy the whole interview via House of Reggae.

  1. Thank you very much for the mention. Hope you enjoy the interview.

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