[Interview] Fader interviews Shaggy

Veröffentlicht: 4 August, 2011 in 4. Miscellaneous
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Your new album is called Summer in Kingston. Do you live in Jamaica full-time?

I live in Kingston. When I tell people I live in Kingston, they start fearing for my life. People ask me if I have internet in Jamaica. Like, seriously? So my thing was just to make a really feel-good record with feel-good videos and show the Jamaica that I live in. My favorite time in Kingston is actually Christmas, but summer is great. I like being on Maiden Cay and Lime Cay. Hellshire has a fishing festival. But I’m not a fan of the countryside. I’ll go for three days, then I get bored and that’s it. There’s only so much beaches, sun and laying out I can do. I want to be in the midst of the madness that’s going on. Kingston is pretty small. It’s a ten minute drive to everywhere and everything. In New York, anything you want, you can get it. Jamaica’s kind of the same way—I’m going to go by the bar, then get some tracks and records, some food, watch a game. There’s something happening every night. Jamaica’s a very rich country, as far as music and street dances are concerned.

Read the whole Interview via Fader.

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