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[Video] Munga – Clean Fresh

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Finally the work is done, Friday night about to come!

And like every 3rd Friday of a month we’re hosting the Jamaican Lounge at the Modul Club in Saarbrücken again!

This time with On Fire Sound from Basel, Switzerland. Their not only well known for low taxes and cheese, but for wicked selections of the hottest dancehall tunes as well. Make sure to attend the Helvetia Lounge!

To get you inna the right mood, warm up with On Fires Promo for tonight.

Here is the full Hit Me With Music documentary from Nice Time Productions on Youtube.


Btw, Shimmy Shimmy did an interview with the producer a couple of weeks ago.

You managed to get the likes of Mavado, Vybz, Ele, Yellowman, Bounty…how did you go about getting into the dancehall scene while you were filming?

Well, Jamaicans love chat!!! If there’s a nation where its easy to get opinons of artists, it’s Jamaica. While other music stars all over the world are hard to get to, it’s not the case in Jamaica. I have always been into de dancehall scene, it’s not unusual to see me at Kingston street dances. I guess the only difference was that I had Miquel and his great work as a director to show what I had in mind. He always manages to improve all my ideas.

Read the whole Interview via Shimmy Shimmy

[Video] Busy Signal – Life

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R.I.P. Risto Benji

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via Irie FM

„Entertainer Risto Benjiis dead.

According to the Old Harbor Police, the thirty six year old entertainer of Unity in St. Andrew was shot several times by a gunman in an area known as „Vietnam“ in Church Pen at about 10:00 pm Monday.

Risto Benji was taken to the Spanish Town hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police are investigating.“

Todays the official release of Joey Fevers long awaited debut album called „In a Fever“ on Lockdown Productions.

Make sure to grap yourself a copy, cause the album is really huuuge! I love it!

This is the Tracklist:

1) Someone Out There
2) Till The Night is Over
3) Rock You (with Desmond Foster)
4) How Easy
5) Love Will Live
6) Game On
7) Traffic
8 ) Good Looks
9) Give Me One More Day
10) Deejay School
11) Perfect Connection
12) Slippin and Slidin
13) Heartical Gyal
14) Can You Picture it
15) Serious Things
16) Truly Deeply