Beth Lesser: The Legend of Sugar Minott & Youth Promotion

Veröffentlicht: 6 April, 2011 in 4. Miscellaneous
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Beth Lesser wrote another essential book about a real reggae icon.

Lincoln Sugar Minott (who’s tragecally gone too soon) & his Youthman Promotion.

The Legend of Sugar Minott and Youth Promotion is both a biography of the legendary Jamaican vocalist and a history of the sound system, Youth Promotion.

Writing his tribute to the reggae Don Sugar Minott was a labor of love for Beth Lesser. She and her husband, David Kingston, were married at Sugar’s home in 1986, at a Youth Promotion dance. When Sugar passed away, Beth realized the importance of keeping his memory alive. Although his music speaks for itself, people might not be aware of all the good he did in his quest to give guidance and support to the youth in the ghetto. Or how much he gave to reggae by discovering and nurturing such artists as Little John, Tristan Palma, Tenorsaw, Junior Reid, Garnett Silk, and many others. Sugar Minott spent his life helping talented youth get ahead in the business. A huge influence on the course of modern reggae, Sugar Minott is a true legend in Jamaican music.

This special Muzik Tree edition features many never before published photographs of Sugar, his family and the whole crew.

You can order the book via Small Axe Reggae.

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