[Download] DJ Scuffs – Hip Hop Forever

Veröffentlicht: 1 April, 2011 in 2. Downloads
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I just have to endorse this incredible Mix from Toronto-based DJ Scuffs to you.

As another installment of my time 2 time non-reggae or -dancehall mix hints I want to promote his Hip Hop Forever Mix, which is on heavy rotation in my car since I’ve downloaded it.

Listening to Scuffs‘ selection of alltime Hip Hop Classics makes me feel like 16 again, wanna roll some weed into a Phillies Blunt, that someone bought for me and my homies at the local PX-Store, just because we’ve learned this from the music videos.

I switch from heavy headnottin‘ to loudly rap-a-long to having goosebumps all over my back while pumping this in my car stereo.

Anyways, best you start download the Mix immediatly by rightclicking here for the mp3, or here for the zip-file and enjoy the time travel!

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