Interview with Beth Lesser

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London-based Dancehall-Blog Shimmy Shimmy did an excellent Interview with the great Beth Lesser, known for her essential books King Jammy’s and Dancehall: The Story of Jamaican Dancehall Culture.

You went out to Jamaica in the early 80s with the purpose of researching reggae – how did you manage to get in with the scene?

We had some help. we knew somebody up here who had some contacts with Jamaican people and some producers. There were a lot of records being produced in both places, so when we first went down to Jamaica he gave us some errands to do, like go see Tuff Gong, and he also introduced us to somebody who worked with Augustus Pablo, who was married to a woman who lived in Toronto. So we met with them before we went down. Originally we [Beth and her husband, Dave] went down there with the intention of doing some kind of fan club for Augustus Pablo. That was the springboard, not only did we really apprecaite his music, but we knew sombeody, so there was actually a possibility of going down there and meeting him, and starting a fan club or whatever, something to publicise him, his artists and his productions.

Read the whole Interview over at Shimmy Shimmy.

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